Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lifes A Beach.....

My son maestro and his friends drove up to Coronado a few days ago and spent the day hanging out, playing in the waves and sight seeing a bit. When you live in California, you go to the beach!!!! So for all you folks who don't live near a beach...This post is for you! Enjoy Sunny California and it's waves.
This was also a time to celebrate his birthday with his friends....
 I still can't believe he turned 17 and getting his license at the end of the week....
Somebody pinch me!!!

The waves look a little rough to me. I am sure it was still a bit chilly too. They said they all went in and splashed around a bit....I will have to wait further into Summer to get in that stuff. Brrrrrr!
There was a lot of guitar playing and wrestling around...And I think they played some volley ball too. A few of the gals and Maestro drove into town in Coronado to walk around a bit, check out some shops and sights as well as visit the huge Coronado Hotel. I had the chance to visit there last Summer...
It is really a beautiful hotel to see.

Back to the beach they went and played around till sunset.
Then they enjoyed some guitar playing around a fire pit. They all had a blast!
He got home late and tired with a bit of a sunburn, but well worth the time spent outdoors with all his friends. I am sure there will be a few more beach trips this Summer.
How are you spending your Summer? Any beach plans for anyone?
Have a great week ahead!


  1. I have beach plans for every weekend all summer long! and if I miss my beach day.. Im miserable!!
    looks like you son had a fun day with his friends. I remember those days.. they were special times.
    have a sweet week

  2. How I love the beach! I wish we lived within an easy drive to the beach -- highway improvements (and older children) have made us now about a 9 hour drive from the gulf, down from the 10.5 hours it used to be. My dream would be to live about 15 minutes to an hour from a beach (maybe some day).

  3. It is too cold on our beach! I think it was 58 today :)

    I cannot believe Vinnie is 17 either. It seems like yesterday he was just a tiny little baby boy. I love that kid !

    I am Very proud of the wonderful, responsible, polite, talented and sweet young man he has become.

    Watch out world !

  4. Looks like a fun day Mica! Love all the pictures! Happy Birthday to your lovely son!! xxoo

  5. Maestro must get his artistic eye from his mama! The pictures are beautiful. It's just not summer without a trip to the beach, don't you agree? We always go to Morro Bay or Cayucos. Great beach towns!

  6. I loved this post. What a perfect beach trip. He will think on this when he is a 30 year old daddy one day. :) Youth...such a time of memories.