Friday, June 10, 2011

Now Life Is Really A Bowl Full Of Cherries...

Mr. Darling got me this Happy Guy to help me with my cherry jam. In hopes that it will make the job a little easier by pitting the cherries. I was unable to can the cherry jam this last week since the kids and I spontaneously went for a 4 day visit up to my sisters house before she leaves for her big Europe trip. She is going to see all our relatives in exciting...
So, the Cherry jam was put on hold. I am hoping this little happy faced
 cherry chomping character will help in the task at hand.
Get a load of the simple directions on how to use it...too funny!
We'll see if it is as easy as it says...I think I will be putting Freckles to work.
I'll definitely be able to snack on more cherries with this fellow taking the seeds out...It is a chore to have to eat the cherry around the pit, then spit it out...akkkk. This is gonna be fun...I can feel it now. For all interested in adding this guy to your kitchy kitchen..You can find them in some Targets...or online Targets...We ordered ours from Amazon...It was cheaper then most online shops. Happy shopping.
 Have a cherry day!


  1. That is just too darn cute too. Let us know how it works.

  2. That's a pretty cute gadget....its has to be fun using it....blessings

  3. It makes me want to be a little kid again. I'm a friend of Shelleys and I've only visited a couple of times. Love your blog!