Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Preserving Your Bounty...

When I look at this sweet bounty of fruit, I thank God for His provision of such delicacies...This wholesome goodness will feed my family giving them nutrients and vitamins they need to live healthy and feel good. I am thankful for these blessings in such a hard economy era, that we are able to have this food on our table to enjoy and sustain us. I am thankful for my dear Church Family who give their fruit from their trees so that we may glean from it. This week we were blessed with a whole basket full of plump golden peaches to enjoy.We picked plums and apricots from our own backyard trees and fresh blueberries from a local farm. I am doing the happy dance!

I knew we wouldn't be able to eat the peaches fast enough before they would go bad so I made a light syrup and canned 4 pints for future enjoyment with peace of mind they will taste just as fresh as they were picked from the tree. The kids had some with their lunch and loved every bite!

Since I never made blueberry jam before I thought I would use my blueberry bounty for that...
I am not sorry for it either...This stuff is remarkably delish!
I was also blessed with the opportunity to share my knowledge of canning with my dear friend Marmie yesterday. I truly was honored to be able to serve as a Titus woman, teaching a younger woman canning skills which she will be able to continue herself for her family and prayerfully she will be able to pass her canning skills to her children and other women. As a homemaking Mama I hope to keep this art alive for future homemakers...They will surely bless their families with good things for teaches frugality as well. I prefer to know what the ingredients are in my food...Look at all the labels in stores...Many contain ingredients that are chemically & artificially made or filled with high fructose corn syrup and empty calories and preservatives or no nutritional value whatsoever. By simply taking some time and preserving your own food as much as possible and cooking from scratch will benefit your family so much more that all the bad junk out there...It takes little effort to go the extra mile...This is still a work in progress in my home...every little change you make is always good. If you have any questions regarding canning and don't know where to start...I would be more than happy to help you out!
Happy Homemaking!


  1. Lovely post...wonderful that you are teaching homemaking skills to other women out of your home...a very needful ministry as so many young women don't have a clue because they were never taught such things...blessings dear Mica.

  2. That's it after seeing this post that made me hungry, I will be buying "Airline Tickets" for y'all to come here. So you can teach "US" how to do this canning stuff... (cause I know your brother loves to cook too)lol, I'm Serious too! We might have to plan something like this to happen in our future. We can be "killing two birds with one stone" swimming and canning. :) Sounds like a "Cool and Delicious" altogether plan to me. haha, Love you!! xoxox

  3. Lovely Post and so wonderful to see Marmee! I love this Idea you are so adventerous and brave, I feel inspried by you once again, I thank God for you!

    Love you Sissy!


  4. Lots of work but so rewarding huh?
    Everything looks delicious.

    It will be so nice to have some of these goodies in the winter .

    You are such a Betty Crocker !

    Love ya