Monday, June 27, 2011

Summertime Blues....

The week started off a little rough starting over the weekend with our car breaking down on the freeway a little over an hour away from home. We got towed home safely....We were not about to let this tragedy bring us Summertime Blues. Our wonderful Church Family came to our rescue bringing us to church on Sunday....Fellow shipping in the evening with a sweet dinner....We were blessed to barrow a car for the time being and had a delightful field trip with friends on Monday. So really the only blues we were seeing were in the blueberries we went to pick at The Berry Company Farm.
Freckles enjoyed her blueberry picking experience even though it was in the 90's...It was a scorcher out there. Leave it to me to be the ones who didn't bring hats or sunscreen. Thankfully we didn't get burned and we had plenty of water to keep hydrated.
They were not only pretty berries, they were delightfully sweet. We will be making blueberry jam this week along with our plums, then my girlfriend is coming over for her jam making lesson...We will be making strawberry and apricot from my tree.
Even little quails like eating blueberries!
Look how blue our blueberries look...I think it was from the blue bucket Freckles used.
 Hope your having a happy Summer week.


  1. Love your summertime blues Mica!! Hope you get your car fixed soon! xxoo

  2. Yumm, what a blessing to have you pick farms. There is a lot of farmland near you and sun. Lucky girl. Clarice

  3. In the 90's -- that's how it is here, except when it's around 100. I've been able to pick about a cup of blueberries every morning for the past 2 weeks from my bushes in the garden -- I try to get out there first thing before it gets too hot and before the birds get to all the ripe ones (but what fun it would be to see a quail!). We are actually getting a morning rain right now (yay!), so it's cooled off a bit and I'm late getting to the garden. Good luck with your car.


  4. You sure made the most out of your troubles with your car breaking down. A fun DAY and post, looking at the "brighter side". You prove where ever you go, you make the most out of life. Simply delightful to look at those deep bright "blueberries", what will you make? YUMMY! I am laughing cause I said "hubs~n~love" on my last note, I meant "HUGS~N~LOVE~ TO YOU... haha... Enjoy your day! xoxoxo