Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summery Bandanna Table Runner,,,,

A while back my sister and I were roaming through Pinterest and came upon this really cute table runner project...So I went to the store and got me some really cute bandannas
 full of happy colors to make the table runner for myself.
You can find bandannas in most craft shops...I got these colorful sweeties at WallyMart...Best part was...They only cost one dollar each!!!! I bought 4 for this project. Total cost $4.00.
First I started out with two bandannas...with right sides facing, I pinned them along the sides where there was writing on the edges. Then simply sewed a straight stitch right down the side, leaving the writing on the other side of the seam.( I don't want the writing there).

I did the same for the other two, then attached them together, making 4 across..
Trimming off the writing and pressing the seam with an iron.
Now your ready to put on your table...This is so easy...
It only took 10 minutes to put together!!
It looks so cute! Perfect for a Summery
 table setting or BBQ picnic.

Hope this gives you some inspiration!
 Use different colors or one color bandanna's to suit your fancy.
Happy crafting!!!


  1. Just love this idea!!!! You and me are so much alike in what we love!!!! Just adore your blog!!!!!
    I will have to see if I can find these bandanas at my Wal-Mart....:) Sandy

  2. i LOVE this~ It will be wonderful on Sweet Pea's cowgirl b-day table.

  3. Just lovely Mica! I wish we could get stuff like that over here. I adore your cherry salt and pepper shakers! How sweet!! xxoo

  4. Those are the prettiest bandannas I've ever seen, and they made such a pretty table runner! Love that little table for two!

  5. I'm going to town today, so I'll be swingin' by Walmart to see if I can find some cute bandannas! Thanks for the great idea!

  6. Sweet!! Love it and your napkins are adorable!! Thx for sharing!!

  7. Ok sister of mine now you have to make me one!!! It turned out great!

  8. Great idea....blessings on your weekend...

  9. I just stopped to say thanks for this cute inspiration before I head to W-M for some of those bandanas. LOL

    Great post and I just love the colors and how you display them. You have such a wonderful eye for color! Love it!