Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Bedroom Makeover...

We finished decorating Freckles bedroom...With such a small room, there isn't much space to move the bed...especially a full bed. So we moved her bed in the middle of the room under her window. She bought some accents for her new space with some of the birthday money she got. New yellow and white curtains from Ross....and two colorful fuzzy pillows. I added the tissue paper pom poms we used for her birthday party, to the window...It really added that colorful pop to the plain walls.
We found a sweet vintage side table at a garage sale for $5.00....I just added some new paint...It is so stinkin' cute. She added her little owls, a picture, some books, her vintage clock which we found thrifting in Central Cali last Fall for $3.00 and a thrifted lamp for $2.50...
Which I added the little yellow skirting with eyelet and a big flower.

Then we hung a big orange shelf I found at a garage sale for .50 cents...below that we hung a sweet picture board from Marshall's on clearance for $3 bucks. Her Robins egg blue shelf stayed where it was..It adorns her vintage elephants and owls...too cute for words.

On the other side of the room, we hung her precious embroidered poem ( I still need a frame) and her baby dress which she wore when she was a little wee babe. We hung the owl artwork our dear friend Marilee did and gifted it to Freckles on her birthday. It fits perfect!

The dresser barely fits in the room...What can you do?
 It still looks sweet in her space. We have had that dresser since she was a was given to her from her Gramma Colleen. It will surely be a cherished treasure into her adult years.

Freckles loves the way her room turned out...It is happy, cheerful, colorful, yet comfy. Oh did you see the owl doll I made her sitting on the bed? Freckles named her Evylyn the Owl. Her room is perfect for her to grow into. I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Have a Happy weekend!


  1. Wonderful...and looks just a little more grown up now...does it pain you...I remember those days when my kiddos were growing out of their baby years as I called them...pained me something terrible :)
    It is a very sweet room....blessings

  2. The room looks so delightful and inviting.
    You did a wonderful job Mica :)

  3. This is a really cute room! I love the quilt and the tissue paper flowers and the baby clothes and the yellow side table and....

  4. I LOVE it. Too bad we do not live closer. If we did we would have the best time thrifting together:)