Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday...Mad Hatter Tea Party

The day finally came to celebrate freckles 11th Birthday. Everything was ready to go... I gave Freckles one gift early when she awoke from her slumber...She opened the second gift I made her. If your wondering what it was...It is the cute blouse she is wearing!!! Adorable!

The table was set for her guests to arrive.
It was quite sweet!
She opened her lovely gifts!
Oh and the owl doll was a hit!!!
11 candles!!!

Make a wish sweetheart..
May all your dreams come true!
Mr.Darling prayed and read from his journal the day our daughter was born...
It was very sweet!

Then the girls played a game of croquet...
It was hot out, but they still had fun.
It was a wonderful day...Filled with happy smiles and blessings.
Thank you for sharing her day with us!
Happy Birthday to my darling daughter!!!


  1. This made me cry Mica
    She is growing up so fast and she is so beautiful and to see her and then Tony I just couldn't hold it back.
    Everything looks so wonderful and of course you always make it special!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautiful Bri.
    I love you very very much.
    Grama Patti

  2. LOVE it all! what a perfectly wonderful birthday ! Your gifts are precious.. and I would wear that blouse myself. it is adorable! I love the cake.. too freaken cute, but I have to say that what impressed me most is when mr. darling read from his journal about the day she was born. omg.. toooooo sweet. what a blessed little girl.
    I bet she was thrilled with how her day went.

  3. How totally sweet. Your attention to detail is amazing. She looked so cute in her blouse and I just love it all. Glad it all went well. It is so hard to see our babies grow up.

  4. Happy Birthday to your daughter! It looks like it was a wonderfully fun party. That cake is a delight to look at.

  5. Happy Birthday Freckles! Mica, it looks like you made her day very special, and I'm sure the gifts that you made for her will be treasured forever!

  6. ohhh the party look so sweet and adorable... I loved all the decorations and the cake was Devine... Freckles look liked she had a grand and all who attend seem to enjoy themselves... love the owl picture and the owl was "Hoot"tastic... A Mad Tea Party that Alice, Rabbit & the Mad Hatter would surely have loved... have a honey of a day ~ may sweet things come your way! and may Freckles wishes all come true & many blessings 2 her too.. Marlene ;O)

  7. You know what I is all just so sweet ....I loved every little bit of it...The little blouse you made her is just adorable and reminds me so much of the smocks I wore back in the early 70's when I was about her age or maybe a few years older. What about the cake? Did you make it too? Thanks so much for sharing with us...there is talk of a party at my blog today :)
    Blessings on your week dear Mica.

  8. What an amazing day for her. I just loved that party you put on for her..I got teary eyed over hubby reading from his journal...making me want to cry again just typing this out. How beautiful and powerful!!