Friday, August 5, 2011

Look HOO's Ready For A Birthday Party!

I am finally finished with this owl doll. My birthday girl will be getting her tomorrow during her party. I made her from all recycled and scrap materials I had lying around. The body is from a wool sweater coat I had...The skirt and feet are scraps from my sowing box...and the wool felt was also scraps from past projects. She came out sweet!!! I still have to finish the other projects, finish decorating and get food ready tonight!

Guess I am going to be up all night...Like a night owl..
Maybe this little owlet will help me out if I ask her kindly.

The tissue pom pom balls came out really cute. If you want to make some they are reallly easy and cheap. The whole project cost less than $5.00! Just search tissue pom pom tutorials on the web. Well the big birthday party is tomorrow...I will share pics. later! See ya!


  1. How trilled Freckles will be with that very cute doll..please,tell her I said a very Happy B-D. Blessings dear Mica.

  2. love her! tell freckles that your bloggy pal vivian says Happy Birthday to an awesome young lady!

  3. How cute is that owl. Your daughter will treasure that forever.

  4. Mica! This is so sweet and so much love in this little owl. Bri is going to LOVE her.
    Sounds like you are going to be a busy bee. Try to get so rest before the party. I wish so that I was going to be there. Have fun.

  5. Happy birthday to freckles from myself and my girls!!!!

    Sandy xox