Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Adventures Of Prague....My Son's Mission Trip To The Czech Republic

My son and his team had a wonderful time on their mission trip to the Czech Republic...He spent the last three weeks working with the youth in Prague...teaching them about his faith and Christianity. They stayed with a wonderful missionary family who lives and serves in Prague. It surely was an experience of a lifetime.  
 They worked with the children and teens throughout the weeks
 and had a little free time touring around the city and sites.

He was able to use his gifts of music and his faith with the children...They taught the little children
 "Jesus Loves Me" and the meaning of the song...How sweet is that?
They worshipped each Sunday together in Church.
 And spent one whole week in the mountains of Czech, hiking, fellow shipping and evangelising to the teens. It was a humbling, memorable experience for him...he was able to share his faith with unbelievers that came to believe at the end of the trip. it is so good to see the Lord working through my son and the other missionary team.
He also built new friendships with the team members and the Czech teens.

And he soaked up the beauty of God's creation...majestic isn't it?
He said it was so European..Not like America at all...His time was amazing!
The pic. above is the house of John Huss ( Jan Huss) A Christian Martyr, religious thinker.
he said every house or building seemed to have a box of flowers
 outside and the people were very friendly.

I am so thrilled beyond measure that he was able to go on this trip.....
 I pray they were able to bless others...For i know they left completely blessed by them.
I hope you all enjoyed the pictures.


  1. Mica, your son is so handsome. That said, how wonderful that he was able to do this. What a special blessing! xxoo

  2. How wonderful for him to have this experience to take with him always. And how beautiful the country is.

  3. I was in AWE...the pictures are so beautiful.....what an he is sure never to forget and souls saved...thank you Jesus....blessings

  4. What an unforgettable experience for your son...spiritually and culturally. The photos are beautiful and make me want to travel to The Czech Republic.


  5. what awesome pictures! your son is so lucky that he got to go on such a magnificent trip. I LOVE the picture of him on top of the mountian. And, he is quite a good looking young man.. I bet the girls love him~
    I know youre glad to have your son back!