Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Good Things...

Today after schooling, we spent the late morning/afternoon making good things...like good wholesome healthy snacks. The past couple years i have made dried apples,bananas and strawberries to snack on...I decided to make that and try my hand at fruit leather. I am so happy I did. It turned out delightfully yummy. We made pear and apple fruit leather....no sugar, no preservatives all good.
I had Freckles make gluten free granola bars...since we are cutting out wheat and as much processed foods as possible...I found a recipe but switched it up a bit to our liking. We used gluten free all purpose flour, gluten free oats, cinnamon, honey, my homemade applesauce, cashews and almonds,dried cherries and raisins, some cherry chocolate my son brought back from Czech, Almond butter, and apple juice which I juiced myself with our Juiceman.
My little me helper mixed up all the ingredients, poured it onto a foil lined
 cookie sheet and spread it out evenly....
We baked it on 375 degrees for 30 minutes just as it was lightly browned...Cut them into bars while they were still warm, storing them in an airtight container for snacks or a quick breakfast on the run for my guys.
We were pleasantly surprised with the flavor and consistency of the granola bars. I always thought gluten free stuff is kind of bland and the texture would be gross...But no...It was really good...and that's a good thing.

 I love that they are healthy for us too...Hope you get a chance to make them...
Your family will really enjoy the wholesome goodness.


  1. Those look really good Mica! It's not so easy to do gluten free over here. You just can't get the ingredients! Lots of already made gluten free stuff, but nothing to make your own with. xxoo

  2. I want some !! It looks really yummy and healthy for you.
    Good job Mica

  3. they look really good! I have got to get back on my healthy eating plan.. I'm soooo far off. have a great day Mica!

  4. I want to make the fruit leathers! YUM!