Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Speaking Of Blooms..Blissful Blooms That Is...

There are many blessings through blogging. One of which you meet the sweetest people. Sometimes certain people connect more than others, and when they do....You find that you have much in common and build a friendship. Recently I met a sweet gal named Amy. She is a fellow believer, home school Mama, and she crafts and collects vintage stuff. She makes the prettiest blooms....I loved them so much I told her so...and she came up with..."hey let's swap". I love to swap of course I was in. She loved my Spend Wisely checkbook in particular was sold to a bloggy friend of mine....So, I told Amy, I could make her the same one. The rest is history....We swapped. I received my bloom in the mail last week...I love getting mail. I was thrilled to see she had chosen a reddish color for me....You know how much I adore red.

It is so nicely made...I love, love, love it...and she made it to where you can clip it in your hair or pin it to your sweater or scarf...Ingenious. Since she lives far away from me...I had to at least take a picture of my own self so that she could see me enjoying my bloom. I am not a fan of my own picture being taken...A bit self conscious I guess. But I did here ya go. I love it in my hair...I felt so cute.

Then I pinned it to my sweater...adorable.... I even wore it pinned to my scarf. I think I will be needing more colors. Amy does esqusette work...She hopes and I sure hope she will open an Etsy Shoppe...I think they would sell like hot cakes. I believe she has sold them in shows and The Farm Chicks Show....So, I just know she will do well online. If there is anyone reading this that Fancy's these sweet Blissful Blooms...I am sure she would be happy to do a special order.

So let me introduce to you...
Amy from Blissful Blooms.

Please do stop by and say hello.
Amy...You are one sweet friend. Thank you so much for my Bloom...
Have a Blissful Bloom kind of day.


  1. You are too cute!! Thank you so much for such a sweet post. I too am so thankful for our new fun friendship! And that bloom looks amazing on you! Wanna be my model for my Etsy pictures? :)
    Thank you Mica!!!

  2. Mica, you look adorable and so does Amy! Cute, cute, cute! It has been ever so long since I have really spent some time with you on your blog and it was such a treat. I've peeked in a few times but have always been interrupted. Miss Freckles is looking lovely and how wonderful to be a babysitter. She looks so responsible and grown up. I always, always, enjoy my visits with you and always take away something for my heart. Thank you Mica!