Saturday, October 22, 2011

Owl Costume....

I finally finished putting together Freckles costume for the Hoot, Howl and Prowl at The Ecological Reserve Field trip we're going on Saturday evening....I designed her outfit using several different wool fabrics from old clothing and a coat which I turned into the cape....The wool feathers are sewn on an old black dress...with a hoop skirt under extra skirting giving it a round, plump look. We then added stripe stockings and Maryjane's. A black feathered boa is tied around her neck and the ears are wool pieces attached to a head band. We got the idea for owl glasses on Martha Stewart's site...
It turned out so cute....It's quite the hoot.
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  1. Hi, you have a wonderful blog !
    I love the owl costume!

  2. The CUTEST little owl I have ever seen!
    What an imagination you have Mica! You need to enter Bri into a contest somewhere! Fabulous costume. You should make some and sell on Etsy next Halloween !
    Love it and YOU !

  3. very cute!!! love the plaid fabric:)

  4. oh my goodness! so cute! i love the beak and eye feathers on those fun glasses! And all that plaid! adorable.

  5. Soo cute! The glasses with a beak are my fave part! Would you share it here?

  6. I love it! I just finished Noey's owl costume this morning. I can't wait for you to see it now. If I find time to post it. HA HA HA!