Friday, October 21, 2011

This Week...

Here in least in my neck of the woods...The weather has been a bit finicky. One day it's cool, the next it's hot...Then it's cool again..I am so ready now for one of my favorite seasons...Autumn of course. I am well prepared with quilts and afghans...ready to snuggle in and relax. Last winter we found this sweet old sleeping bag for Freckles. I found it thrifting one day for 3 dollars. So cute.... and so colorful. Shes looking forward to using it for girlie sleepovers.
It was a nice crisp day. We got a lot accomplished and even enjoyed a lovely brisk walk through the neighborhood. It was chilly enough to wear a little sweater. I love days like that.

I captured this sweet shot of a humming bird in my friends backyard...I showed Mr. Darling and he says.."So they really do have feet"...Yes silly..they do. We laughed. You know it was just a few months ago when he realized that dogs actually have eyelashes too. I love that man.
We have many visitors in our garden right now. This pesky guy was laughing at me..Can you see it?
 He thinks he is quite cleaver. I don't think so.

We also made some BIG changes with our diet. I went through  my cupboards and took out a bunch of processed foods, grains and most carbs & dairy. We are hoping to see more wellness in our home rather than all the allergies and illnesses we always get hit with. Plus we plan on losing weight. Freckles and I are exercising everyday and walked  2-3 days a week..There's still so much work ahead of us...Just can't wait to see some long overdue results.

I am happy to say I can still have my herbal tea with a touch of honey and coconut milk creamer...I have been using my trusty emergency mug lately...Isn't it just adorable? I found it thrifting for $2 buckaroos.
Happy dance. Now I need to focus on that owl costume I'm making Freckles for the 1 mile Night Time hike at the Ecological Preserve this Saturday. I am hoping to get it done tomorrow. Then we'll reveal. have yourself a merry Autumn day.

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