Friday, March 16, 2012

Blooming Questions,,,

Amy from Blissful Blooms tagged me in some questions to answer...
So here it goes.
1. Why and when did you start your blog?
I actually started blogging on another blog in 2006 for my art...Then started blogging here at The Child's Paper in 2007. I thought it was a great way to share with family and friends and meet new friends who had common interests in faith,children, homeschooling,art, cooking, collecting etc...It grew from there and have met some wonderful people through our journey.

2. What is the latest dream your scheming?
My latest dream I am scheming is....When Mr. Darling graduates and hopefully starts shepherding a church...I told him, I would be happy anywhere we go as long as he lets me have chickens...I think he's going for it. To be continued.....
3. Are you working on achieving that dream?
Well, lets just say, I do put a bug in the ear every once in a while...Freckles and I also discuss chicken names in front of him...So, looks like we are heading in the right direction.
4. What is the most embarrassing/nerdy post you wrote?
Geesh, I can't think of anything. I think I may be kind of reserved....So, I am careful to what I post. Kinda boring I guess.
5. What is your favorite sweet treat?
Really? I have to pick? I love sweets...I think I would say I love jelly beans and ice cream..
Oh and cake too.
6. If you had to pick just 3 elements to a delightful 'mommy time' what would they be?
Soda, Shopping and Sunshine
7. If you could plan ANY vacation, where would you go?
I would definitely want to go to Europe and visit places like Italy and Ireland...Especially Latvia since that is where my my Grandparents came from...I would love to visit with the family I still have there and walk through the old streets and castles.
8. If you could be anything 'when you grow up' what would it be?
I would be just what I am now...A wife, Mama and artist on the side.
I love my life and always dreamed it to be this way.
9. What's something we would be surprised to learn about you?
I am quiet and shy a bit until I get to know you well.
10. Do you have any strange phobia's or fears?
I fear heights and water...Though I have been up in a plane ( just don't drop me).
And I will swim, yet I am not a strong swimmer so I fear drowning.
11. What's something you hope to accomplish in the next year?
Settling in a new place with my family and (chickens)...
Once my dear Mr. Darling gets a job as a Pastor.
Thank you Amy for asking me to play along.
Wishing you all a very Happy weekend ahead.


  1. goodmorning sunshine! loved reading the answers to the questions you posted. I'm excited for you about your upcoming "chapter" when mr. darling gets a job and you move and get chickens! lol! you'll have to share some of your chicken names soon. maybe you should make a chicken doll!
    I have a couple fears too.. I hate flying and I wont drive on the expressway... bawk bawk!
    (thats some chicken talk for ya! lol)
    have a bright and beautiful day!

  2. I thought I wanted chickens too! I think I still do, but I'm a little afraid of them. (I know- so silly). But I love the idea of having chickens. :) And having a cute chicken coop. Not sure if I have the right motives. :) Maybe you will inspire me to actually get them.
    Thank you for playing along! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I have to catch up on all your posts I missed over the week. Love reading all these inspirations you share on your blog. I absolutely LOVE your first picture you have on top of this post with you holding the camera. How did you do that collage? Was it Picasa? Love the turquoise frame and flowers for a fresh colorful spring look. Love your answers to the questions and your honesty to them. And, I am picturing you laughing cause you keep getting 'emails from me' on your blog... hahaha! OK... calling it a night here. Be back soon. Love you Sis!!

  4. You are so funny Mica, Chickens?! Are you raising them to eat or just for the eggs? Cute,I grew up with chickens. We used to get a flat every Easter and they were colored pink, green, yellow and blue. Memories. Thanks

    Who knew I would end up with the nick name Chickki?