Friday, March 16, 2012

Getting Ready For Irish Day & Smooches XOXO...

I'm not Irish, but my dear Mr. Darling is half Irish/Italian, which makes my kids a bit O' Irish too. I will just pretend I am Irish for the day. I picked up all the fixens for corn beef and cabbage with potatoes for a nice St. Paddy's Day celebration with my lil O' family and some friends. My friend will be baking some Irish bread..Freckles was hired to make some green tissue paper pom poms for the festivities.
Gotta have some fun decorations for the O'ccasion right?
 It was fun fluffiing pom poms and spending time with my sweet girl.
There were plenty of smooches being passed around too.
 Cause every one wants to kiss an Irish girl. Even Missy gave out some wet kisses.
Oh yes, and we got Shamrock Cookies...
 Freckles already snuck one, though they are for tomorrow.
 She is such a cookie monster.
This will be quite fun...

Hope you are all having a great Friday...
Don't forget to wear the Ole' green tomorrow or you'll get pinched.

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  1. Oh Mica!!! I love these pictures of you two, (mother and daughter) full of love and black n white. :) Too SWEET and captured well! You always make your events so much fun. Wish I was closer to you. Happy St. Patrick's Day to ya'll tomorrow and Happy Weekend too. - Ty did get your message, Thanks for your thoughtfulness. :) God Bless you all... love us!xoxox