Monday, March 5, 2012

Freckles At Winter Camp...

Yay! We found a few pics. from Freckles camp. I didn't send her with my camera, yet wish I would have at least picked her up a disposable cam. to take pictures of her time. I guess I spaced it. Yeah i really spaced out....bummer. We found out that one of the girls snapped a we are happy now to have a few visual keepsakes of her first Winter Camp with the girls in our church. All together there were 6 girls and one boy from our church that went....The rest of the kids were from other Churches in our presbytery. What fun to be a kid. Freckes was prepared for snow...but none came their way. They still had fun no matter.
Here are five of the girls on Freckles bunk...notice the books in the window...
Too funny, she was decorating her spot. Oh fun times.


  1. Looks like she had a wonderful glad there were pictures to reflect on the memory...Bet,your heart was so happy to have her back safe in the nest though :)

  2. This comment was sent via e-mail from Jeannene:

    She is such a BEAUTY!!!! Like YOU Mica~ So, So happy to see her have a
    wonderful time at Camp. These memories will stay with her FOREVER... so
    glad you were able to get those pictures too. Much Love to you from us.
    Hugs... xoxox

  3. Aw winter camp. How fun. No snow this year. What a bummer.