Friday, March 2, 2012

The Vintage Marketplace....

We had a girls day out today with a couple girlfriends. One friend not pictured since she was caring for her toddler. We headed out to The Vintage Marketplace that comes around every three months just down the road from where I live. My trusty gal pal Marmie has joined me the past couple times we have gone. Shes such a sweetheart. Of course my mini me came along...She is my partner in crime.
Quick sad story though: I put on mu Fanatic Junker bracelet this morning. I bought it from an Artist friend. Barb St.John when I taught at the ZNE Convenzione a few years ago. I love the bracelet....I even took a silly picture of it this morning. So we get to the Flea Market and low and behold it fell off my wrist somewhere from the car and the entrance to the Flea Market. I went back to trace my footsteps and it was nowhere to be found... makes me sick. I'm sure someone picked it up and LOVES it... Oh so sad.
No matter...We still had a great time looking at all the treasures. My eyes were definitely happy today. I picked up a couple things from one booth...I'll show the things I brought home below...We also went to an Estate Sale down the road from the Flea Market and found a few treasures there too...
My poor friend Gina had her arms full with her toddler most of time...She practically had to run through the whole thing...I hardly saw her there...Marmie hung in with us though...hat a pal she is. She is the cutest lil thing...So petite and the sweetest heart...This is a pic. I snapped of her on this tiny child s couch...Yes, she is that small. Heck you can see how little she is in the pics. above. i look like an Amazon Woman next to her. Look how huge that coffee mug looks next to her. ha ha ha...So cute.
So moving on...We looked at some fun things and headed off to the Estate Sale... FUN, FUN, FUN....
The next batch of pictures are the things I brought home with me.
I picked up these few letter blocks from Jessica's Earth Cookie... They are so fun. We got a few more little things from her booth...Simple, yet sweet.
We got the globe from the Estate Sale...Marmie knows I have a collection of globes and pointed it out...It was one buck...Oh yeah.. Now I have 5 globes.
I found this old weighing thingy at the estate sale...I don't know what to even call it...But got it for a few bucks...I can easily fix it up and repaint it...It will be a perfect addition to the kitchen....Love it.
I got the floral metal tray and crochet floral doily at the Flea Market. The most I spent today was on the tray. I loved it...My colors for reals.
Back at the Estate sale I got the red white & blue cloth napkins for .25 cents each, the sewing tamaters for .25 cents each, the funky floral colorful fabric for .50 cents, and the patchy hot pads for .50cents.
The adorable colorful plastic clothespins and happy colorful wall piece was also from Jessica's booth back at the Flea Market....These were for Freckles to enjoy. She already hung the hoop art in her room.
I also found Freckles this darling blue birdhouse bottle for her bathroom, only .75 cents. Too cute.
Lastly, I picked up a Ball jar with old screw lid for one buck...perfect for some sewing goodies. It was really a fun day, and I didn't spend a lot. My gal pals found their treasures at the Estate sale. Everyone left with a little treasure. Oh Happy Day...except for my missing bracelet ( BOO ). I hope it will bless someone. Here's to a good weekend ahead. I have to finish my orders for my peeps...Will share soon.
 Happy Weekending.
51. For great friends who like doing the things you like to do
52. Enjoying the little things...and little treasures
53. A girls day out with friends..My girl Freckles...fellowship and great bargains
54. My loot from today
55. Another man's trash becoming my treasure


  1. This is my kind of day! Glad you had a terrific time, but sad to hear about your favorite bracelet. Perhaps the show has a lost and found you could contact.
    Cute photos!

  2. Totally my kind of day!

    Fabulous photos and so many lovely items!!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. What fabulous finds! I love all the colors and so glad you had such a fun day (except for that bracelet). Would love to have that kind of day. (Also, wish my partner in crime was interested in vintage.....sigh)

  4. o that little blue birdhouse is so cute!!

  5. looks like a perfect day! too bad about your bracelet. I know the feeling well.. Im ALWAYS losing my earrings!
    loved Freckles camp pics too!
    happy week!

  6. Your colors are so vibrant and lovely! Thanks so much for shopping in my booth this weekend. Enjoy your goodies!

    aka Earth Cookie