Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Paddy's Day...

MMM! Corn beef and cabbage was put into the slow cooker early in the morning....Cooking all day as we anticipated the mouth watering goodness. And oh so worth the wait too.
So my son comes downstairs and I'm all "Hey where's your green"? I was prepared to pinch his toosh...and he pulled this out....Oh my... He was wearing his Lucky Drawers. Perhaps I gave ya'll too much info...
Let's move on.
We had visitors today. First this little scary looking Leprechaun
 was spotted hanging out in our flowers.
 A bit creepy.
Baby Bobby came over for a while, as his Mama and Papa went out for a bit. It was so good having a baby in the house. He is just such a sweetheart too. We have a while to go, but since I can't have babes anymore, I got all giddy thinking how wonderful it will be having grand babies over playing with all my old toys and reading them the old books. (sigh)
Our friends Marmie & Mark joined us for our St. Paddy's feast. Everything turned out wonderful...and Marmie's Irish soda bread was delish. I am so thankful for these two.
Then Mama Bear & Papa Bear came back for Baby Bobby...
Sweet kisses and hugs were given...What a doll.
Hope you all had a great one...
Now we're off to bed...More company coming over Sunday after church.
Have a great Sunday everyone.

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  1. I wish we could get corned beef over here! There is NO corned beef in the UK, except for the stuff that comes in a can from Argentina. Seriously. I miss it. I don't think you can get it in Ireland either, because if you could I am sure we would be able to get it here. It's wierd.