Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Spring...

Spring is in the air...
We have been enjoying this colorful cake from
 our friends birthday over the weekend. Yummy.
We went shopping for some organizing helpers and did a little looking at some fun colorful stuff. We picked up a cute orange back door hook hanger thingy for Freckles to organize all her purses and hats and got a magazine organizer for her mags...Nice to get everything in order, off the floor and out from under her bed.
She is really drawn to all the happy colors...It was fun putting things on our wish list. after our Target spree we went thrifting to find Freckles a Katniss Everdeen outfit for the Hunger Games Movie Premier. Yep, we got sucked into it all. She has read all the books and then re- read the first and second book. We are going to the midnight premier with some friends and had to dress up as her fave character. Great thing is we went thrifting and found the whole outfit there...and got 30% off everything.
We will be taking some share later. it's going to be fun.
We also went to Hobby Lobby...
I LOVE going there...Just for fun.
It was a happy day spent with my kids...
Now to get some organizing and Spring cleaning done....Preparing for another Garage sale before our move. Still no word as far as where we are moving, but thought I should get a good head start on getting it all together and ready for when that time comes. Please keep praying for us.
Have a great week ahead friends.


  1. What a FUN and COLOURFUL day!! Loved this! xxoo

  2. What a bright and cheerful post! I love organizing . . . I have a few closets that need attention. Happy purging as you get ready for that garage sale! I'll be praying for you guys!

  3. They have Hobby Lobby here in "Texas"...((HINT... HINT)) *WINK* I love that place too, and have decorated much in my Guest Room from there. It is so addicting to look around that candy store. Beautiful cheery Colors on your post. Great Fun pictures of the kids too. Happy Spring! :) Continuing my prayers for y'all. xoxox

  4. Happy Happy Fun
    Love the photos of the kids