Thursday, March 29, 2012

Work Before Play...

Good morning everyone....Today will be filled with bustling around the house, school, art projects, a bit of sewing and perhaps a little fun. But first we must play work then play. Other than that, I really don't have much. I am looking forward to this weekend...My mom and sister are coming down to do a bit of shopping and lunch for our birthdays...That ought to be fun. The rest of the week is mainly working on purging stuff, staying focused and keeping joyful while we do it. Little things like this tiny pencil sharpener globe brings a smile. Isn't it adorable? Freckles found it while thrifting. She has a good eye for stuff we like.

We also found these cheerful rainbow socks at The Dollar Store.
Too cute to pass up.
Now she has Happy Feet.

Missy is sporting some funky shades we also found for a buck at Target.
 I love that pooch.

OOOH...Remember Pick Up Sticks? We found this for a buck at the Thrift Shop...Now I just have to teach Freckles how to play. Would you believe, Duncan Hines Pancake Mix had this in the box? Remember when the prizes in cereal were way cool and even Cracker Jacks had fun prizes. Now there is junk in them. After all our work today...We will do a little play...Pick Up Sticks anyone?
Happy Thursday to you.


  1. The BEST PLACES to shop are the dollar store. I bought Mila sea shells and colorful marbles and she played with those like no tomorrow. I always love looking around the Target dollar section too. What a Bright Post... love those socks too. :)Enjoy your Friday! Much Love...xoxoxo

  2. Yes the prizes are cheapo now. Love this fun colorful post and what a great deal on those stripey socks.