Monday, May 7, 2012


My girl got glasses.
She complained a few months back that she had a blur in vision, then got better and didn't complain. I really didn't think much about it and since we home school she doesn't have to see schoolwork from a big classroom with a chalk board at the front of the room. She does a lot of close up work and a lot of reading.
 I decided heck...we probably should get her eyes checked anyway...just in case.
She had her exam a couple weeks ago...The doctor told her... looks like she had a very slight nearsightedness...Nothing else. But surely could help to get glasses for distance.
 He told her she wouldn't need to wear them all the time. For now it is slight.
Would you believe she was actually really excited about them. She wanted some glasses that looked "Nerdy"
 Her words. So these are what she picked. Her new eyes were ready to picked up today...We picked them up...She put them on and low and behold...Her vision was a lot more clear and crisp. She was amazed all day long. Even watching her fave shows on television were amazingly clearer to her. We picked up a cute lil spectacle case to keep them in. My hubby says
 " So if their not on your face they should be in your case ".
All your life and you think your seeing clear...All of sudden you get new eyes and realize you haven't seen clearly at all. She can now see that those green things on trees are yes....actually leaves. We are so happy for her. It's like she is a curious little child all over again, in awe and wonder at everything around her.
Love it.


  1. What a little cutie she is. Those glasses really suit her!! Such a pretty girl. Just like her mom. xxoo

  2. she looks adorable in them! shes just growing up so fast!!
    have a great week mica

  3. She looks cute! The glasses are very elegant (actually they look a lot like mine :-) . I remember when I first got glasses when I was around 11 being astonished at the details I could see in the full moon -- and all the stars I could see!

  4. Hello sweet Mica! I am so very happy for your beautiful girl!!! She looks fantastic in her glasses. I love them and that is exactly what I would pick out myself! She looks so stylish and her t-shirt is a perfect match! Love the case too! Your photos are fantastic and she is truly a beautiful young lady! I am so happy she can see things more clearly and has a renewed curiosity of all the beauty God has blessed us with! She is a treasure! xo~Paula

  5. Happy for your sweet freckles. She looks very always...blesssings

  6. Welcome to the club! Kayla wears glasses too and the other day she too got me to buy her retro nerdy-style glasses :)

    Sandy xox