Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thrifty Thursday...

I bought some scrumptious red plump sweet strawberries the other day and pulled out my darling metal strawberry drainer, which made the berries even more beautiful to look at, so I snapped a picture of it. I found my colander a while back while thrifting. It is one of my favorite kitchen pieces. I think I paid a few bucks for it. It looked so cute, I drained the water out and kept the strawberries
 in the colander until they were all eaten up.

On a recent thrifting expedition, I found this fun little crewel embroidered daisies in a basket piece. I think it's darling. It was handmade by a lady back in 1972, dated on the back. That was also the year I was born. I think I may repaint the frame color and hang it in my room where I keep all my other embroideries.

Another thrift shop I frequent was having a 60% off sale. I found a few things for my Junque Mama Shop and ran into this pretty pillow. I dilly dallied over it then put it back. Would you believe I had it on my mind for a couple hours and drove back to get it later? Funny but true....and it was only a couple bucks. I probably wasted more gas money to have it...Oh well. I suppose I liked it and had to have it. It really looks cute on my bed with all the embroideries on my wall. I like it.

This last piece was a gift from my special friend Marmie. She love to thrift too. Sweet thing picked this gorgeous vintage plate up for little ole me. Just because, no reason at all. I love it...It is my colors. It's like a white milk glass with red cherry tomatoes and red trim around the edge. So lovely. I can't wait to use it. What treasures have you found lately?
Have a wonderful Thursday and
 Happy Thrifty Thrifting to all.

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  1. Such beautiful treasures Mica! I am so happy for you! That was lovely of your friend too! Don't feel bad, I have had to go back and get something I wanted at the antique store because I put it back and wished I had it when I got home. I think we do that because we want to be careful of our spending! I am just glad it was still there! :) xo~Paula