Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hoot Hoot Collection....

Besides elephants... my daughter loves owls. Over time her collection of owls have grown through thrifting. A few of these are gifts, like the one above from my sisters trip to Latvia.

This little white owl will be changed up with red spray paint.

It is always so fun to find treasures in the thrift shops
 just waiting for a little collector to find.
 The pot holder owl was a treat. Isn't it whimsical?
The two above are also from Latvia...
It is very special to have these treasures from our family's country.
Here is one she painted a couple years ago.
 One of my favorites.
And...two of my favorite vintage owlies...
So sweet.

It's even come to ipod owl headphones.
 Hope you enjoyed seeing her collection of owls.
Have a hoot of a day.


  1. Hello sweet Mica! Thank you for your lovely comment sweet friend! Wow! What a fantastic collection Freckles has! She has so many sweet and beautiful owls and has them displayed beautifully! I love owls too! I am glad she has something she loves to collect! The owl head phones are so cute! I enjoyed all of the lovely photos! Thank you for sharing! xo~Paula

  2. What a great collection!! Love the potholder!!