Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kitschy Fun...

Ooh la la. Meet my newest friend.
This darling gal was found at World Market to carry cakes and pies.
 Just in time for all the party's we have going on lately and picnics too. I love it...I can carry a cake and a pie at the same time in this baby. Or a cake and mini cupcakes. Totally useful and cute in the kitchen of course.
This bright sunshiny girl was snatched up in a New York minute while hunting through my local Thrift.
 Just a couple bucks spent and I am one happy gal.
And...This Campbell's kid girly made her home in my kitchen...Another find for just a few dollars.
 She had to come home with me. Just look at that chubby face and her big eyes. She looks adorable on my kitchen shelf. Maybe I can recruit her to do some baking for me.
Now to get baking....Which I am planning on this week.
 I have to make some desserts for my Dear Mr. Darling's Graduation party this weekend.
One pie I will be making is this :
Summer Strawberry Sour Cream Pie
(Click Source for recipe.)
Looks yummy. I am also planning on making my famous
 Banana Bread Trifle and a Strawberry Pound Cake Trifle. Yummy.
Summer is almost here...Are you all ready?
Do you have any plans. We do...Will share soon.
Have a Happy Tuesday.


  1. that pie looks wonderful! I think I will bless Devastatingly Handsome with one very soon. :)

  2. that pie looks wonderful! I think I will bless Devastatingly Handsome with one very soon!

  3. Shes a beauty :) Enjoy! I love your sweet Campbell's soup doll...I have one myself. Your desert looks sooo yummy,but then I love all things strawberry ;) Blessings dear friend.

  4. I always LOVE your cheerful kitchen. Wish I could come over for coffee for reals! Oh- and maybe have a slice of that amazing pie! Yes please!!!