Sunday, June 3, 2012

Some Summertime Slides From My Childhood...

Though I may have had a bit of a dysfunctional childhood, I do remember some good times. Thankfully there are some memories left on slides...Which is all I have from my childhood. My family moved around a lot. It was like we were nomads...Never staying in one place too long...Maybe two years at the most. Through all the moving around the Country, I have to say I did see a lot. We would go camping, we crossed the Mississippi River, I have seen Washington, Oregon, Colorado, driven straight across the United States and Back.We went to beaches, camping trips, stayed in many Motels, lived in so many houses I can't even count on my fingers and toes. I remember having my siblings right along side me...but most of those years were spent with my big brother. This slide above has to be one of my favorite pictures of him and I. I bet my parents put him in charge of making sure I was good and quiet as there are two bottles of milk. He looks proud to be a Big Brother. Crazy to think we didn't have car seats back then.

Here we are again on a porch...My mom is setting us up for the picture.
That must be my brothers cap. How cute is that? My brother and I were pretty inseparable growing up...He loved me, he hated me...It was just that sort of relationship. But we were all we had many times throughout the years.He & I have been through and seen a lot together...
in many ways I am glad that he was there with me.

I was a pretty pudgy baby. All the fat rolls and chubs.
 So funny to look at these pictures after being boxed up for so long.
I remember having several VW Bugs as I grew up.
This is a cute picture of me and my Mama in our red VW bug.

Oh and I hated sand. It scared me. I believe I was crying here. I have another picture of me in sand screaming and holding my ears. I am sure everyone thought that was comical.

Where in the world did my curls go. I had them then they went away then they came back later...and too this day my hair is still curly. 9Thankyou Lord for straightening irons)...I sort of remember this photo above, I think we were on or going to a camp ground. I remember how badly I had to go potty. Shortly after this photo I remember letting it out ALL over that car. My face has that I gotta go look doesn't it?

For years I had a thing for clowns. No, I wasn't scared of them like most kids...I loved them. I remember being so enthralled with these fellows. Check out that polyester shorts jumper and blue knee highs...Gotta love the 70's for it's outrageous funky style.

This is another fave picture of me and my siblings. I think we were in Oregon seeing the caves. We all look like little rug rats. Summers were good times for us...Memories I will keep close for ever.
Do you remember your childhood Summers?
Here's to Good Times in The Summertime.


  1. Cute pictures Mica...thanks for sharing. Blessings on your week.

  2. You had me tear up in this post the way you spoke about your brother during your childhood!!! These pictures/slides are priceless Mica!! What an adorable little girl you were and cute boy he was. I would love some copies of them if I can. I keep telling myself to work on an album of Ty as a little boy and you sisters for memory sake for our kids. I enjoyed walking down memory lane with you. I was very close to my brother growing up too. What fond memories and fun our siblings are growing up. Thank you for sharing them. :)I hope your week is blessed! Love Ya!! xoxo

  3. What great pictures! Those ones from the past are precious, indeed. Back in the day when there was no DIGITAL cameras - very different than today. So glad to have a peek at the fun childhood memories.Love ya!

  4. :) Siblings are a gift.

    I loved seeing how adorable you were as a babe!