Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kicking Off The Summer With A Pre~Mini Vacay...

Summer time is here y'all. My kids and I took a pre~mini vacation to my sisters for the last few days. First, my son had to make a delivery clear past Los Angeles...So we had a whole afternoon of driving and seeing the sights out the car window. Then off to our destination to visit with the family.
To get to my sisters we had to exit what is the old Route 66 and took a quick pick of one of the last old 50's diner in Southern Cali...The Summit Cafe. We didn't stop to eat...
perhaps next time, it actually looks like a cute place.

We stayed up late visiting, swimming, jacuzzi soaking and watching movies for a couple days. It was a really good visit with my Sister, my Brother in law and my Nephews. We will really miss them when we have to move. My kids enjoyed the pool...Especially my little fish who LOVES to swim.
Now we get to look forward to a week of swimming and fun in the sun
 on vacation with our friends this Saturday.
We also enjoyed Happy Hour at Sonic... I love their Cherry Lime aids. YUM.
Then we went bowling for a couple hours.
The last game we bowled...Let's just say I kicked every one's butt.
 I won. Oh yes I did.
Good Times.
One last dip in the pool. Well, for my son it was more like
 one last jump into the pool to cool off before we headed back home.

And one last peek into a little birds nest from my sisters yard.
 So sweet isn't it?

It was a fun few days...Thanks to my family for letting us come over on a whim.
Another few more days and we'll be on the road.
Happy Summertime.


  1. Your pictures are wonderful...looks like you and the kiddo's had a ball...good times :) Blessings

  2. I Love this post!!!! So glad you had a good time together!

    Love you!


  3. I love that you won the game of bowling! :) I love summer time.

    I wonder if we could make rocks around our pool like that.