Saturday, June 16, 2012

Squaw Valley

We did a little bit of sight seeing on our vacation. Since we were in Squaw Valley we went just a few miles down the road where they have had The Winter Olympics. Notice we're sorta bundled up? Squaw Valley is about 800 feet up and a bit chillier during this time of year...I loved it...It was perfect weather...Not too hot, not to cold. I am so happy we were blessed with such a wonderful vacation with our special friends.

We will miss them all dearly when we move.
The picture above is quite special. Our friend Geoff has spent the last four years with our family. He has become a big part of our lives and a wonderful buddy for my hubby. We had him over almost every Sunday for a meal and fellowship. Now that he is graduated from the Seminary, he will be departing to New Jersey for a year internship and he's getting married. We are so happy for him. Yet, we will miss him so very much.
I love this sweet picture of our little girls.
What a sweet friendship.
Everyday we went swimming...Okay, not me. The mosquito's were so bad out there, I was literally attacked once I came outside...and when I get bit from them, it's bad. I am still itching from the debacle. My kids got bit too....Not as bad as me though. At least they got to enjoy swimming.

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