Friday, June 15, 2012

Traveling With Friends...

There are just some friends that you get along so well with that you consider them as family and would travel with them on vacations. That is just what we did with some of our close friends. We traveled in two cars...10 people in all...A 10-13 hour drive up to Lake Tahoe and a week of relaxation, fun and fellowship.
The trip up and back was so fun. We sang songs from the 80's, we laughed and shared our inner goofiness. We have this thing when we travel anywhere and see bales of hay anywhere...we would say "Hay" in a sassy voice. Just's funny.

My friend and I drove up with our little girls in one car.
They eventually passed out fast asleep after so many hours of driving.
 Poor dearies were tired. We stayed awake the whole day long acting like corny school girls,
 remenising all the songs we used to listen to as teens. So fun!

We finally arrived to our destination just 10 minutes from Lake Tahoe.
We stayed in a four bedroom cabin home nestled in the little woods alongside a little river creek.
 It was breathtakingly beautiful.
The kids spent their days swimming and going in the jacuzzi, walks, visiting,
 giggling and making memories together. Unfortunatly my daughters friend got sick with a fever while there, but she snapped out of it after a couple days. Thankfully they were still able to have some fun together.
Most evenings we made family dinners. The kids were in charge of kitchen clean up. They were awesome dish washers and counters wipers. My daughter was named the dishwasher 3000.
She was the best dish washer. Now to get that at home...j/k.
I have many more pictures to share.
So, come on back.

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