Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rise & Shine...Colorful Bedroom...Sunny Simple Sunday

Good morning friends.... Good day to you.. Today is
Today we are sharing little glimpses into my daughters sunny colorful room. The past couple years we have slowly collected little things thrifted, vintage, colorful and clearance things to make her room a happy place to hang out. Elaine just shared a post the other day on her daughters room which was decorated on a budget. Go check it out...It is adorable... Elaine is always an inspiration. We too have had to shop on a budget. We find a lot of our pieces from Thrift Shops, Garage Sales, clearance,
The Dollar Store and the dollar bins from Michael's or Target.
We took thrifted, cheap embroidery hoops and added fabrics ( which I already had on hand ) to them using them as art work. Yes, I know everyone else is doing it...But it is so dang cute and great for an empty wall that needs art or color...and hello...It is inexpensive. The cute vintage mirror was found on one of our thrifty expeditions. Love it...And it was already yellow. That's my girl taking the picture. ;)
Ahhh pillows...My girl loves them on her bed...she enjoys reading and listening to her I-pod all snuggled in her soft pillows and stuffies. All pillows you see were either thrifted or on clearance for really cheap. The rainbow lantern lights were on clearance at World Market for $9 bucks...really adding some color and whimsy at night when she plugs in the twinkling lights.
Another really inexpensive thing we used were the colorful tissue pom poms. I bought several different colors of tissue paper from the Dollar Store...found a tutorial online and made the pom poms in just a couple hours. I even got to use them for her birthday party last year...
Now they hang above her window and some hang down from the ceiling.
The green frame with a pressed daisy in it was found at Michael's and the cute stuffed flower above was found at Target. Simple little things that are inexpensive can really add sweetness and charm to a room and keep you on budget...There are so many places these days where you can find some fun things to decorate with or you can make it. Hope you liked the little peaks into her room. Soon I will be re-doing her dresser...It was painted and decoupaged with Victorian vignettes when she was a baby. It will be kinda sad to see it go, but my girls wanted a change...She's growing up. ( Sigh )
Hope y'all have a wonderful Sunny Sunday.


  1. What a wonderfully, cheerful bedroom. Who wouldn't wake up happy in there each morning? Ann

  2. Awwww ~ such a sweet happy room! I am sad to say that my girls no longer let me help with the bedroom decorating! : ( Michelle, who is 21 likes to keep her room real simple and clean.. she loves whites. Sally is 13 and her entire room is covered with magizine clippings and posters. crazy colors and stuff everywhere. It's insane.

    Happy Sunday Mica!

  3. Very charming and delightful and bursting with color! Love those pom poms!


  4. What a bright and cheerful room! Love it!

  5. How I love that room. You are always clever at turning ordinary things into something totally adorable. Really love the bright colored lights over her bed. I know it is hard to see them grow up and not be little anymore. I miss my older girls being small.