Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Take A Hike....

Once again my son was blessed to go on a backpacking trip in the Sierra's for a week. They hiked, camped, slept under the stars and enjoyed God's wondrous beauty in nature. I am so thrilled he had the opportunity to go again...He went a couple years ago and was a huge memorable trip.
Everyone had to make meals on different days... Here's my boy cooking some breakfast before a long day hike. By the end of their trip, they had hiked about 30 miles. whew.  
And it sure was beautiful there.

He had a great time with his friends and even made a few new friends.
I am sure they all made some awesome memories.   
They even ate fresh caught fish for dinner.
Thankfully this gal really didn't catch his ear.   
And there was a lot of free playtime, cards, swimming, stories by the fire
 and grape flavored snow cones made from some snow left in the mountains.  
And lot's of time spent with besties.

And... massages???


What a trip...I am so happy for my boy. He has been blessed with some great trips over the years...Back to Washington over a couple Summers, backpacking trips, Winter retreats, a trip to Czech... and more to come I am sure. This kid has traveled more than me. So happy he will be blessed with such great memories of very special moments. thanks for taking the time to visit and see the sights. Have a great week y'all.
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  1. good morning Mica! just getting a little caught up.. havent been on as much as usual. well, I take quick passes through with out leaving comments it seems.. but now I'm trying ot catch up.
    Your son is such a good looking kid, isnt he? I'm glad hes enjoying life and loving God.. isnt that what we are all supposed to be doing? the pictures are awesome. I love the one of him sitting by himself at the top of that mountain looking down onto such beauty all around him!
    also.. LOVE your painted cabinet and how you decorated it in the posts below!
    have a lovely day Mica!