Saturday, August 4, 2012

Embracing A Beautiful Girlhood....

In just a few days my dear Freckles will be 12. These are the last few days of being 11...the last year before she hits her teen years. It has been a whirlwind, it has been a blessing. This last year has certainly been a huge adjustment for all of us, especially for her. She had a sudden growth spurt starting last Summer as she bloomed, she had the rude awakening of being a young woman just a couple months before turning 11. I knew it was coming...she had been changing so much as her temperament waxed and waned. She became a lot more tired and even more so, she was extra emotional...With two guy's living with us, I was and am the only one who could truly relate to her needs. She and I have had many talks, many encounters, many tears and hugs....
And lot's of prayer

Now, after a year of that, we have got it all down so much better.
 There are still some emotional roller coasters that we ride, but...
we have learned to lovingly nip it in the bud,
reigning her back in closer to us and her faith in Christ.
 Each day she changes before our eyes.
 I have seen some of her toys move out.
 ( thankfully she is keeping some dolls and stuffed animals)
 She has been more aware of  boys, and clothes...Which I am sure is totally normal. It is just happening so fast. It is just a huge adjustment, probably more so for me than her, that she has set aside some of the childish things and slowly moving on to womanhood. I do know that our relationship as well as her relationship with her daddy and brother will make a huge impact on the kind of young lady she will become. I make every effort to be in contact with her...we talk, we hug, we pray, we ask for forgiveness when needed, we spend a lot of time together as many of you know from my blog....I call her my mini me...She looks sort of like a mini version of me...she is shy like me, she is funny like me, she likes the same music as me, she loves the same styles as me...It's crazy cool. Would you believe when I was pregnant with her...Before finding out she was a she...I didn't want a she...I wanted a he. Yeah...I think it was just fear...But God knew I needed a her and that is what He gave us....And I will never, never, ever, ever be sorry for that. Once we found out she was a she on an ultrasound...I immediately fell in love...It didn't matter anymore. I think it is just so awesome to know that God knows what we need even when we think we need something different. After a rough pregnancy and almost losing her, she came 5 1/2 weeks early...she had to live in an incubator for only one week...It was a blessing we could take her home...I am so thankful everyday that God gave me the girl I needed and truly wanted. I am thankful that is was this particular girl...Our sweet Freckles.

She has only one more year of tween-ness. We will embrace every moment of  her Beautiful Girlhood...Even if it seems dreadful sometimes, we will always be there for this girl...because she is so worth it. The wonderful, delightful times will out weigh all the negatives. For soon she will be on her way to winsome womanhood.
We have been reading through a really good book over the past couple years called Beautiful Girlhood originally written by Mable Hale, then revised by Karen Andreola. It is a sweet book for young tween/teen Christian girls character, moral virtues and manners. We have enjoyed reading it together...This year we are going to be re-reading it and adding in the Companion Guide as a part of our curriculum. Just sharing if anyone is interested.

This coming week we will be celebrating our daughters birth. This year it will be simple and sweet...No big parties this year...just a lovely time spent with family. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. That is so sweet. You know I love in estrogen land over here. My hubby takes it all in stride thank goodness. It is such a blessing to have a daughter. I am so thankful for them and I know you are very close. Happy birthday to her.

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. I'm sure she'll be ok! How could she not be with such a loving, caring and interested mom! xxoo

  3. Its bittersweet when our little girls become young ladies....I know from my own girls growing up much to fast and now even my granddaughters are becoming young ladies. I am taking each day left of their childhood as precious jewels.....and all along I am growing older myself :) Blessings dear friend...your precious young lady is going to bloom could she not with the beautiful mother she has to guide her.

  4. Oh Mica- we are on the same page! Your baby is leaving preteen stage and my baby is leaving the 'baby' stage. My Maggie turns three today and it kinda has my heart all smwooshy. I know you know what I mean by smwooshy. Your words were such an encouragement to me today! Have fun enjoying your baby girl today!

    I was wondering what age you would recommend that book for my girls?

  5. She is such a beautiful young lady.
    Hope her birthday is special and I am so happy I was able to get her the typewriter. Hope she is enjoying it. I will be calling tomorrow to wish her a Happy Birthday.
    Love you Abrianna xoxo

  6. She is such a cutie!!! Happy almost Birthday!
    I love her favorites list ~ reminds me of my girls.