Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bethany's Home Sweet Home....

Hello friends....
Please give a very warm welcome to a sweet blogger
I met through blogging of course, Bethany from Pitter & Glink.
Enjoy the tour!!!

Hey, y'all!  I'm Bethany from Pitter and Glink.
I'm a wife, mom to a furry "dogter," English teacher, lover of all things sparkly, word-addict, blogger, and want-to-be decorator.  I'm so excited to be sharing a couple of rooms from my home with you today!  Let's start with my bedroom.
When it comes to decorating my home, I have found that different shades of blue make me happy.  This gray blue on my walls is peaceful and calming, and the sheer curtains and white bedspread keep the room fresh and light.
Almost every room in my home has at least one framed photo because I love to be surrounded by the people I love.  Family photos are inexpensive yet meaningful accessories.
I like to find a happy mix between family heirlooms and things that I like "just because."  My bedroom furniture was a hand-me-down set from my grandma who passed away a few years ago.  
The rose picture was a wedding gift from a friend, the lamps came from TJ Maxx, and I found the black decorative pieces on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  I'm sure some people would say that the scale is off with my lamps, but you know what?  Rules should never keep you from decorating with something you love!
My favorite area of the room is my little grouping of frames on my chest of drawers.  Hanging on the wall, there's a watercolor print my husband gave me that looks just like my golden retriever.  It's paired with other special pieces like the teacher's prayer my mother gave me while I was student teaching and the handmade rose my husband bought me on an anniversary trip.  
Another place where I have a grouping of special items and photos is in my craft room--my favorite room in my house!
My craft room is even more light and airy than my bedroom.  In my opinion, the perfect shade of gray paint is on the walls.  And this room, too, has a mixture of new, thrifted, and sentimental items.
My dad and I made this table together, and I crafted or "revamped"
 many of the other pieces in this area.
The hutch is another hand-me-down from my grandmother.
 I refinished it and repurposed it into a craft supply station.

The corner desk area is another creation by me and my father.  I wouldn't trade our moments together building these pieces for anything, and those memories always bring a smile to my face.
I'm sure that some people can look at the pictures of these rooms and find many things wrong with them, but my house is where I live.  I put my heart and soul in the decisions and items I made in these rooms.  I want my house to be beautiful, but I want it to be HOME first and foremost--
Home Sweet Home.
If you'd like to find out more about me and my craft room, come visit me at
Pitter and Glink 
and check out my project gallery.  
Thanks to Mica for having me today!


  1. So pretty and sweet!! Adore her white hutch!! xo Heather

  2. Heather, thanks for leaving a sweet comment as you always do....Hope you love Bethany as much as I do..XOXO

  3. Bethany, your so welcome...the corners of your home are delighful...I LOVE your craft room. Hugs to you!!!

  4. there's really no place like home.

    lee shin