Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Patty's Home Sweet Home Tour

I am posting this a little early since I am leaving town...
Please give a warm welcome to Patty from Lemon Lane Cottage.
 I will be back next week in case you don't see me posting...Enjoy Patty's home.
 Welcome to Lemon Lane Cottage.
  I was so excited when Mica asked me to share our little home with her readers.  I hope you're like me and love lots of pictures because trust me...there are lots of pictures.  

Mica asked me to share three rooms but I snuck in a fourth.  I decided to to show you the dining room, living room, kitchen and my craft space. 

Okay, let's get started...

Our house was built in 1954 and is around 1400 square feet. We have lived here just about five years and I have been filling our nest with cottage/ranch decor since then. My decorating style has changed over the years but my love of color has remained constant.

I have been tempted to paint these old oak pieces on several occasions but haven't gotten the nerve.  I think the oak hutch has found a way into my heart and will remain unpainted but the wine storage cabinet is on my list of things to paint this fall.  I just haven't decided on a color.

I love using mugs for storage and just to add a splash of color where ever needed.  This one from Anthropologie is my current favorite.  Love the colors and dainty flowers.

I am an avid gardener so fresh flowers in the house hold a special joy for me.

This yellow gingham was the catalyst for my recent mini makeover in the dining room.

The dining room is the central hub of the house.  It is open to both the kitchen and the living room and is large enough to accommodate a table for ten without being crowded.  A fact I've come to love as our family grows.

This plaid chair was a generous gift from my sister in law when she did a bit of rearranging in her home.  The colors are just perfect for this cozy reading nook beside the fireplace.

I love snuggling up with good book and a nice cup of tea with the fireplace roaring on a cold afternoon...not that we've had any this season yet!  Where are you autumn?

Our living room is small but cozy and comfortable.  It truly is the place where our family lives.  The leather sofa is well worn and inviting. 

I have tried to convince my husband that some cottage white slip covered sofas would suit our little house better but he hasn't given in yet. That's okay, a home is only a sanctuary if everyone in the family feels welcome.

I love aqua and have tried to sneak in accents of it where ever I can.  This vintage ball jar is just the right touch beside my thrift store oil painting and cornbread yellow birdhouse.

I love having my quiet time in this over sized leather chair.  There is just enough room for me and my little dog Bear to snuggle with a hot cup of coffee for my devotional and bible study each morning.

Garden roses in an aqua watering can are just the right touch of color on the breakfast bar.

The nice size kitchen space was one of the selling points of the house.  It was used as an eat in kitchen by the previous owner but I just knew a large island would make the space function better for our family.

I added the open shelving to display my vintage glassware and Pyrex collection.  The diagonal windows are original to the house and let in a terrible draft, don't function properly and really need to be replaced but I just love their cottage charm.

The barn red cupboards came with the house.  You either love em' or hate em'...I love them!

Fresh fruit and a little message area on the breakfast bar...

I have since relocated my spices from the island to above the stove because I was craving less clutter and more space to work in but I like the openness to the dining room this view provides.

Leftover yellow buffalo check made the perfect skirt to hide my pastas and extra paper towels.

My craft space is truly my sanctuary and where I escape most evenings after dinner.

I love the whole creative process and can often be found in here just day dreaming of what I want to do next.

This room is the one place that I was able to be as feminine as I wanted to be.

Crisp whites and splashes of aqua, pink and red really create the perfect atmosphere to get my creative juices flowing.

The large distressed frame is backed with batting and makes the perfect design board.

I cut into my vintage sheet collection to make this pretty hoop art.  My jewelry is displayed on this wire dress form and the pretty teacups hold vintage buttons and earrings for crafting.

I am so fortunate to have these built in bookshelves to store all my pretty crafting supplies.

There is usually a dog underfoot just waiting for attention.

There you have it...my little corner of the world.  Thank you for letting me share it with you.  It's always fun to revisit the rooms I live in day in and out and see them with fresh eyes.  Just like your home, my home is a work in progress and will never, ever be "done".  I have discovered with age that nesting is ongoing...a process that I never seem to tire of.

Thank you again Mica for inviting me to show you and your readers my home.  I can't wait to take a peek at theirs, too.

xo, Patty


  1. Such a beautiful and cozy home!! Love all the special touches!! xo Heather

  2. Your cottage is is cozy and inviting! This tour made me feel as if I were walking thru in person. Thank you for sharing all of your coziness!

  3. Patty,

    Your home looks like such a happy, cozy place. Loved all the photos ~ I always enjoy LOTS of photos.

    :) Hope

  4. Patty your home is gorgeous and comfy. I like the brown leather sofa and chair, the yellow check cloth, and so many other features.

  5. Patty, just beautiful. Simply beautiful. Warm, inviting, happy. Great photos, too.

  6. Beautiful! We share a love of color so I really enjoyed this tour! Love the yellow check material and the barn red cabinets!

  7. Patty...your home is so cozy and beautiful!!

  8. Since I am a follower of yours...I've seen your spaces...but I enjoyed seeing everything together...I love your style!

  9. thank you to all who stopped by to give patty your love...her home is such a sweet delight!!!! Thanks Patty...We all here sure enjoyed the tour. Hugs

  10. scrolling through your blog, admiring all the cheery things you share. this is a fun place!