Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Was Had...

We had a long first week at Gramma's House...settling in after our hectic move....My mom had to go to the emergency room as my Gramma was just getting out, so we have been taking care of two people that are practically out of commission. This Christmas came so fast and it flew by just as quickly as it came. It really is quite a blur. We tried to fit in some baking...with cookies &
 fudge and cheesecake mini's..
We also made our famous Latvian Perogies with Gramma...She makes it all from scratch...and puts it all together without a recipe. Trust me this year, I watched carefully so I know everything she does with her secret dough...It's embedded now... This has been a traditional food in our family for as long as I can remember. They are so yummy.
Freckles and I did a couple little crafty things as well. We played with wool. She made this adorable little Hedgie with a red bow on her head. Crafting with wool is quite addictive.
 I made her a little owl and a snowman...not pictured.

Maestro and Freckles were a great help to their Great Gramma for Christmas dinner. They were in the kitchen for hours preparing the feast. Thank you to my kids for having such a sweet servants heart...We couldn't have had the feast without them and that is the truth.
The day after Christmas was a dreary dark day...We are hanging low, trying to unwind from all the stuff going on right now. I am surely praying for a better year ahead.

I leave you with my favorite picture of the day...My sweet Freckles
Have a happy week ahead as you prepare for the coming New Year festivities.


  1. Many wishes for a blessed New Year. Rest up and here is to a whole New Year full of new adventures for you all.

  2. Blessings to all of you dear friend...sweet picture of your precious girl :)

  3. Sorry to hear about your Mom but happy to hear Rita is home again.
    Please give them both my love.
    They are blessed to have you there with them right now.
    Love you guys

  4. Love the photos of Bri and Vinnie with your Grandmother. SO cute.