Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Morning Stuff

Nothing like a hot cup of sea salted caramel cocoa in a Christmas mug on a rainy morning. Starting my day off with this and finishing up the packing of our house. Just two more days until the move. I am so tired...I realized I am sort of like a closet hoarder.
But you would be proud to know I got rid of a ton of junk ... Stuff....
And was able to bless people in my community with our old clothes and other things through
Freecycle and donating stuff to our favorite Thrift Shops.

Speaking of Thrift Shops...I found this little Santa...The cutest one I have seen in a long time...He was just 50. cents. You bet I scooped him up, lickety split. He is about to be packed away though.
 Poor dear.

I even put out a little sparkly Christmas tree just for a day with presents in my entryway. So there you go...Our last Christmas in this a day....And no, we did not open the gifts early...Even though this girl wants to see it all like, right now. Ha...Sorry sweet Freckles
 your going to have to wait 12 more days.

Twelve more days?
I can't believe it. Before we know it,
it's going to be New Years...
Akkk. Time is sure flying.
See you here in a couple days.
have a fantastic remainder of this week.

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