Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So Long Little Gnome..

Remember last week I introduced you to our little house guest, Cedric the Gnome a few posts down? Well, he is off to his next destination after a week visiting us in California. It was pretty quiet around here since we have been up to our ears with packing for our move. Unfortunately Cedric didn't get to see a lot of our state.. He had the chance to visit our little busy elves. It was a short visit with those guy's though, I couldn't send Cedric off to his new destination after being with my mischevious elves...Cedric has to be a good gnome for his future hosts, the last thing they need is some naughty gnome getting into their things or playing pranks on them.
He also met up with the Great Father Christmas himself before leaving. He told St. Nick what he wished for Christmas, since he will be just in time to his new hosts home to spend Christmas with them. I hope he gets what he asked for. He has been quite a good Gnome after all.

And one last kiss from his little friend who happened to have a little crush on him...
Notice how pink Cedric's cheeks are. I think he's blushing Ha Ha Ha.

So glad we had him here though his stay was short yet, sweet.
He was a very pleasant guest indeed.
Hope you having a great week so far. I am off to pack more boxes.


  1. You are so kind to overlook his wicked ways..lol! I see he has found another love interest too :) Good luck with the packing!

    Sandy xox

  2. Cedric has certainly been getting around! I cant wait to see how Sandy documents and posts his adventure when he returns to her... whenever that will be! lol
    have a great day my friend