Sunday, December 9, 2012

Order Up...

One more week of packing up the house and shipping out the orders for Mr. Joe & Joy Jangles Snowman Couples. I am thrilled to say I sold one couple and got an order for another pair.
So I decided to make one more couple before our move....and that will be it...
Then I will be working every night as a
 Christmas Elf 
making Christmas gifties for my family.

Even though I am leading a busy, hectic life at the moment, trying to get everything in order for our move, I have found a bit of time to make these dolls into the late nights. It actually feels pretty darn good to be sewing and listening to old Christmas records..  I am also sending out a little ornie to my pal Viv...we are doing an ornie swap together. But, I can't show you what I am sending yet,
due to the fact she has not gotten it and I can't spoil the surprise.
So later in the week I will reveal what I sent
 and what cute goodness she sent me.

Now just to finish up the last details of the snowmen couples...
And get them shipped off...
Just in time for Christmas.
I also want to give thanks to God above, for the opportunity given to me,
 to make some special orders this Christmas season.,
 which helps going towards some Christmas goodies for my kids this year.

Wishing you all a happy week ahead. I may be silent over here as the
 big moving day is fast approaching and I have so much to do in so little time.
See ya soon! 


  1. You are so talented mica!!! Those homemade gifts are the best!!!! Hey... lets pretend that we are related ok! : ) have a great new week.

  2. Happy Week Mica!! Loving those snowpeople.. so glad that people are buying them. I knew they would! glad you like your little ornie. now its hi ho hi to work i go!

  3. I saw the orni Viv made you (at her place) and I can't wait to see yours :) Enjoy the holiday preparations!

    Sandy xox