Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rachel's Home Sweet Home Tour

Welcome back to another delightful installment to The Home Sweet Home Tours. Your in for a sweet treat with this darling home, filled with lot's of eye candy and candy colors...This colorful home is my kind of decorating. I love her colors and whimsy. Be sure to leave her a nice comment here and stop by her blog. Please give a warm welcome to my bloggy friend Rachel.

Well hello there!  
my name is Rachel...
i was so excited when mica asked me to share my home with you!  :)
so without further we go....
i want to create a home that is warm and inviting...

a home that is a soft place to land for my family...
a home that is full of goodness...whimsy...and is ultimately "us"
we love vintage...mixing and matching different patterns and colors...
and a bit of quirkiness, thrown in there for good measure.  :) we found almost everything at thrift stores or flea markets... some lovelies were past down by family or hand made by us.
our living room...
you will see a running theme throughout our home...
Besides... the vintage... and color... wall collages...i'm a bit obsessed really...there is one  in every room....for reals. :)

the couch and the chair were given to us by my hubs parents when we first got married...

while we are thankful that we have them...

they would NOT be our first choice by any means...

but...sometimes you have to work with what you have...right?  :)

when we have the means to "upgrade" i definitely will....

i see a tufted gray couch in our future.  :)

i made the curtains and all of the pillows....more on the aqua trunk in a bit.  :)

wall collage #1...
vintage vases that i painted...
my grandfather's vintage alarm clock that he woke up to every.single.morning.  :)
a camera owl print i made that says, "there's no place like home", an owl candle and various other lovelies.  :)

1. a swoon-worthy vintage typewriter that a sweet friend"dropped off" at my home just because she knew that i was looking for one!  isn't it awesome to have giving friends like that!?  :) below is a vintage basket holding quilts made by my great grandmother and a vintage yellow suitcase.

2. a vintage movie camera and a print of important dates for our family.  a vintage tray holds more vintage bottles and jars that i've painted.

3. this lovely is one of my favorite pieces...a vintage steam trunk that i painted aqua.  it stores blankets perfectly!  :)

an old vintage that i found at a thrift store...
i painted it yellow and re-purposed it as a frame.
below it sits my great grandmother's telephone table, which holds my grandfather's vintage camera.

1. i found this mirror frame sitting out with my neighbor's trash...

i painted it aqua and then painted the board with chalkboard paint.
i write our weekly bible verse on it.  :)

2.  i  found this vintage bus station chair at a thrift store for $5...

it still has the original bus station sticker on the bottom.  more vintage suitcases and a vintage baby quilt.

now onto the dining room...
another one of my favorite pieces....this lovely has been all over the house.

in both of my daughter's rooms...

in the living room...

and now in the dining room.

we use her as a desk...

and the bottom area stores our art supplies.

then there's the vintage metal garden chair...sigh.  :)

her twin sister sits in our oldest daughter's room.

i got the vintage wall filer at a thrift store....which i pained aqua...see a running color theme here?!  ;)  

1. a vintage children's bible that belonged to my grandmother...a owl jar...and a "all you need is love" sign that i made.

2. my great grandmother's vintage vase...a sears and robuck catalog that the hubs found in his great aunt's attic...and a vintage car book.

3.various prints that i made and framed.

4. bunting that i made from my favorite scrapbook papers.

and collage wall #2.  :)

the same friend that gave me the typewriter also gave me the vintage metal ceiling tile.

the wood box on the table was made from a vintage wine crate.

it holds more painted jars to display my favorite flower...ranunculus.

i found this huge vintage frame at a thrift store...

i painted it and stapled twine and ribbon to the back to make a memory board.

and on the the kitchen....

1. a vintage avon owl that i found at a thrift store and the campbell's can from the vintage label!  :)

2. canisters that hold my grandmother's old cookie cutters.

3. a little box that i made over to recipe cards.   i painted and re-purposed the wine caddy to hold cooking utensils.  

4. this metal owl hook holds my grandmother's apron as well as a couple that i made.

5. i love this shelf/towel holder.  it holds a vintage pyrex bowl...a photo of my daughter in her tutu washing her hands at the sink{one of my  faves} and again, the owl and soup can .

6. a vintage sugar bag that i got at a thrift store.

our youngest daugther's room...

i built and upholstered the headboard...and made the pillows on her bed.

i found the green and white chevron crochet blanket at at thrift store for $2.

and of course, another bright and colorful wall collage.  :)  

my sister-in-law gave this vintage rocking chair to my daughter as a gift...and i painted it green.  :)

the blanket on the back of the chair was my baby blanket that my great grandmother made.

i got the vintage magazine rack at a thrift store and painted it.  it 's perfect to holding books.  :)
our oldest daugther's room...

this headboard belonged to my grandparents...

that they purchased shortly after they were married.  

right before my grandmother passed away...she gave the headboard to me and wanted it to go to our oldest.  :)

the dresser was my mother's childhood dresser.
it still has the original raggedy Ann drawer liners in it.  :)  
the embroidery is of the"now i lay me down to sleep" prayer and was made by my grandmother and hung in my nursery.
my sister-in-law picked up this vintage white table at a garage sale...
the shelf hanging above it was my great grandmother's that i painted.

our master bedroom...

i built the headboard and upholstered it with white corduroy...

and once again...a wall collage.  :)

i purchased the vintage barrel chair at an estate sale...

it's super comfy and the perfect reading spot.

at some point i plan to re-upholster it.  :)

on our dresser sits an old window that i got a thrift store...

i made a bunting using fabric from a vintage quilt...

and the flower embroidery sitting on top was one of my first attempts.

i re-purposed this vintage hat rack as a jewelry holder...

it works perfectly!  :)

there you have it...

thanks so much for stopping by!

be sure to pop over to my blogs and say hi!



  1. what an adorable home your friend has! love all the soft colors and that wall collages!
    If I can find a box I'm mailing out your little giftie this morning!
    have a great day mica

  2. Beautiful. I love colors and random things throughout! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Such a cute home...very creative mommy :) Thanks for sharing Mica...these home tours are so fun...blessings dear friend.

  4. I love her color palette! Your snow people are adorable btw!

    Sandy xox

  5. Such a sweet and cozy home! Love all the pretty colors and vintage touches!! xo heather