Saturday, February 2, 2013


I finally pulled out the sewing machine this week...I made a few pillows. Which is a good jump start to my lost creative spark. I made this sweet, happy pillow for my little writer....Freckles has been writing some short story book series all on her vintage typewriter she got for her birthday last year. She loves it so much, I thought....The pillow would be perfect for her... Unfortunately she has been really under the weather this week with yet another flu...She was supposed to spend a nice get away week with her bestie, when suddenly, everyone got sick...We had to pick her up only a couple days into her visit...Now we are thinking she might have strep throat we are going to the doctors to get it checked out. Since she has been home she has been very lethargic, sleeping a lot and plain ole miserable...Hopefully she will soon be on the mend and back to writing/typing away. 

Well anyway, the pillow did cheer her up a bit....And it looks darling on her bed....Rory, her owl agrees. I decided to offer this pillow as a special order for anyone who is interested. I will also be listing it on Etsy as a made to order pillow for $25.00 & $5.00 shipping. Fabric colors and prints will vary or you may give me a color pallet request. Anyone interested,
please e-mail me at

I also made two wool pillows with red wool hearts and a funky house pillow....These will be listed on Etsy this weekend. Now hopefully I will get some of my mojo back and create some more goodies....Here's to a good weekend. Cheers.


  1. funny that you are making pillows, (adorable by the way!!) because I have been thinking about making new ones for my living room. Actually I'm thinking about slip covers! but I wouldnt even attempt to make those..
    hope things are going well at your mothers. Im sending up a prayer right now....(I just did!) that mr, darling would find that perfect job in that perfect place SOON!! and that miss freckles would be feeling better today.
    take care my friend

  2. How adorable. I love the way you always use so much color.

  3. the sickies are here too :( Too much money spent on copays and Rx :(

    I adore that pillow! I hope to order one soon. Looks so cute on that bed.

  4. Love the pillows!! For Christmas I made wonky house ornaments kind of like your pillows....I just loved them. I love your house pillow and the others as well.

  5. Oh, I love it!!! So adorable and sweet! xo Heather

  6. Such fun wonderful sorry you all have been sick....same was for here..not long ago...went through the whole family. I pray Freckles is feeling much better very soon....blessings dear friend.

  7. Cute pillows and I love what you guys got at the thrift store :)