Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Weekend

This weekend Freckles and I went out on the town, hitting the little thrift shops in the area. 
Lets just say, it was a good thrifting weekend..

We also found this big wall of graffiti, so we had to stop for a picture, I think I'll take both my kids back for a little photo shoot. I love the colorful, funkiness it adds.

I love the hunt for little treasures...We went up and down every isle, sorting through,
 digging in and searching for the things we know we like.

I was happy to find a whole lot of vintage hot pads in one shop...
They were 50% off...I left paying about $5.00 for all nine. In another shop we found this sweet embroidered linen dish cloth...all that work and never used...Another 50% off $3..
I was thrilled.

This little sweetie sat lonely on a matching mate...I knew I had to have her for my little kitschy salt and pepper collection...I have a few other orphans packed away. She will fit in just fine. Isn't she the cutest sweet pea you've ever seen? I found a few more things which I will share later...I just didn't get pictures of them yet.

Last week we went out thrifting as well....I found this lovely quilt top...Full of happy colors, yet needs to be either finished our used in a project. I am thinking about maybe using it to recover a chair...we'll see when the time comes. It was cheap, so of course I had to snag it.

I also found this little red velvet character...perfect for Valentines....He was just a coupe bucks...
 And I couldn't resist those big eyes looking at me.

lastly we grabbed this View~Master...It brought me back to my childhood. We don't have any reels for it...But I found this site where you can have your pictures made into reels for these little machines...They are a bit pricey... but, I think it would make a great coffee table conversation piece.

Hope your having a 
Happy Weekend...


  1. fun day! I would have had to bring that lonely little shaker home too. He'll be happy with you I'm sure!
    great graffiti. (I feel like that should say "great graffiti batman!") lol
    have a great day

  2. there is nothing quite like a really good thrifting trip, huh? i love those pot holders, so cute! and that wall? perfect.

  3. Great finds Mica...nothing better than a day out at the the thrift store...had one recently myself :) Blessings