Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fathers Day 2013

Sunday was a very busy morning, it was Fathers Day, yet, everyone was scurrying to get ready for church.Now that Mr. Darling is working for the church, he had to leave ahead of us for the first service, then come back to pick us girls up. There just wasn't time to have a special breakfast or anything. So, off to church we went. After the service we did manage to take our dear special man to lunch. Just the three of us this year since our son is not here.

We had a quiet afternoon...Freckles gave her daddy a handmade card and we even fit in a little picture time. I love it. Mr. Darling and his sweet Freckled girl. Then off again to church for an evening gathering...Got home late and just conked out for the night. Since Mr. Darling didn't get his special breakfast, we made him a brunch the next day. We cut stars out of bread and grilled it in a pan with an egg in the center with some bacon on the side and a nice big glass of orange juice.
 It was good and he was happy.

Dear Daddy,
A hero is someone that is admired deeply 
Whether it be through the eyes of one or through the eyes of many.
He stands apart from most men and has far more character.
The magnitude of his importance is measured greatly by his actions.
Yet, the hero is humble and feels unworthy of his rightful title.
It means nothing until he sees the love and adoration in the eyes of his child.
Then and only then does it gain significance.

He means the world to our kids and me...
 We are blessed to have such a loving, special person in our lives.
 Our children's Daddy, My dear sweet Mr. Darling the Father of our children...
Our hero...


  1. sounds like a pretty sweet fathers day for mr darling!
    hope you're enjoying your new place in the world!

  2. Great tribute to Mr. Darling.
    Yep, blessed!

  3. Great tribute to Mr. Darling.
    Yep, blessed!