Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Good Times With Grandparents

Sorry for the quiet blog...We have been on vacation for the last couple weeks. Freckles and I took a spontaneous trip up to Washington to see my Dad and Mama in Olympia, Washington for a week and our son the following week. We caught an early flight out so we would have more daylight to spend with Freckles, Grandparents. Poor Freckles didn't remember flying in a plane when she was younger...So the anticipation and unknown crept in with a bit of fear when we took off. I held her hand and looked into her eyes filled with crocodile tears and tried to comfort her with words, that the Lord will keep us safe and to trust in Him. After a while
 she relaxed and actually thought it was pretty cool. 

We arrived into SeaTac where my parents awaited our arrival. We were tired...but excited to visit and see the sights. It was a bit of a drive to Olympia...Where my parents have retired. A lovely bay community with breathtaking views, wildlife and great weather...considering it rains there a lot. We so happened to be there at the perfect time of the Summer. We settled in and took a stroll through their neighborhood, with the water just walking distance away. Freckles and her Grampa embraced as we walked down by the bay...It was the sweetest sight.

In just that short span we encountered a pack of seals, jellyfish and crabs...Just the things you would expect to see in Washington. We walked down the pier where a couple was crabbing...They invited us to pull up a couple of the nets...It was fun watching my girl enjoy this activity...which she was apprehensive to do at first. She did an awesome job and pulled in several, throwing back the small ones of course.

We walked down by the shore and soaked up the sights.
 But the fun part was just ahead. 

Yes...Freckles and her Grandparents went swinging on the swing set.
What a sight that was. They all got a kick out of it, feeling like young kids again.
It was a good afternoon spent, making memories.


  1. such fun! I love to swing! though I havent in years.
    nice that you were able to go visit your parents. Im with Freckles, flying makes me very nervous. I pray alot when I'm flying!!
    have a great day my friend!

  2. What fun summer memories!


  3. This is so precious!!!! Swinging with her grandparents! Love you all!!

  4. So glad for you and Miss Freckles to experience a special reunion like this...and especially after all you went through in the months prior! God is good.