Wednesday, July 31, 2013

State Capitol Building in Olympa, Washingtoni


Both Freckles and I were born in Washington State. I consider Washington my home and miss living there. Despite the massive rain, it is a beautiful state. The years we spent there, we never visited the State Capitol before. So, this was a real treat for us. 

I have one word for the State Capitol...

It was gorgeous inside and out...The high ceilings, ornate details, beautifully constructed architecture, marble and gold...Just lovely. As we walked through the halls and up the stairs I imagined the history it carries, and the stories it would tell. I couldn't get enough of the grandeur.
The smallest details were there. Just delightful.

I was pleasantly surprised that it was as beautiful as it was.
I felt like I was in Europe walking through the oldest buildings. It was simply beautiful.

After walking through every room we could we picked up a couple souvenirs
and had a sweet picnic under a whimsical tree together. It was a great day. 

After lunch we walked through this Vietnam Veteran Memorial. It was very hard for my dad to go through as he looked at the names written on the walls. These were names of brave heroes that served,
 and died... They were names of people he probably knew from his hometown. My dad is one hero that came home. He does not say much of this war at all. He carries those stories in his mind everyday. It touched me greatly as he looked at the names written the years he served. I am sure he was silently crying inside. I could only be silent and thankful for these men who served and for my dad.

This is a memory I will treasure.

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  1. Been there so many times and the last with my son to observe the Legislature in session a few years ago. My goodness you have such an eye and captured a lot I saw but just didn't really see if you know what I mean. Kudos.
    Hey - I am doing this google thing a lot aren't I? Must keep in touch :)