Friday, August 30, 2013

Baking Peanut Butter Cookies

There is definitely one thing Freckles loves to do and that is baking. As a part of homemaking/kitchen skills, she is learning how to cook and bake different foods. Her favorite is cookies. After dinner, our sweet tooth's were getting the better of us...Freckles suggested baking peanut butter cookies. One thing...We didn't have all the ingredients for a typical peanut butter cookie...So we searched for one with minimal ingredients...and found one that was so easy....It's going to knock your socks off.


We have been dabbling a bit in a couple of our vintage cookbooks for recipes, which makes it fun. Things that most Gramma's would have baked in the 1930's~1940's. A good Peanut Butter Cookie would be found in a cookbook back in those days. So, I decided this would also be a great project, since we have been studying the 1940's.

And of course we used our vintage aprons and Pyrex...
We felt as if we were back in time, in a Gramma's kitchen.

The house smelled of comfort....The cookies were beautiful.

And they tasted delightful.
It was the perfect opportunity for a wonderful life lesson and bonding
 time between mother and daughter.
These are moments I know we will cherish together.
I love those moments.


  1. wonderful pictures! and those cookies look delicious! I cant believe there is no flour or baking soda in them. now.. Im craving peanut butter cookies... LOL!
    have a great weekend Mica.

  2. OK,you girls are making me want to do some baking...I may try these next time I go to my mamas for a stay over...never to old to bake cookies with mom..right? :) You do make it look so fun and inviting though. Wish I could have pulled up a chair to your table and took a lesson myself :) Blessings on your week