Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summertime With My Kids

While Freckles and I were still in Washington visiting my son...We were blessed to have my son's girlfriend do a little photo shoot for us. In the beginning I thought it was just going to be the kids...But somehow I ended up being a part of it. So with no makeup, blown away hair and ill-prepared...We had a fun afternoon doing it...And I am very happy we got to do it.

Even Jonathan my adopted son as I call him, joined in.
 I am so thrilled that he took a picture with just me ~n~ him...I love it.

She captured some lovely shots of my kids.
Makes me smile.

I am also so very grateful we made the trip up....
Life just isn't the same without my boy here.
 The pictures at least help a bit.
It truly captured Summertime with my kids.

Doing the Happy Dance...


  1. Adorable pics of you and your kids! :D


  2. Great pictures Mica...I have loved watching your kiddos grow up through your blog....they are both wonderful kids...blessings

  3. Guess we can swap sons anytime!! Love these pics!!! Alyssa did a great job - and so did you!
    Hugs & more Hugs!