Thursday, August 15, 2013


While visiting my son a few weeks ago, I asked if he would take us to see our old neighborhood. This was one of my favorite places to live while in Washington. It is a quaint, charming little town out in the country, suburbs. One of my favorite things to do was walk downtown, which was right outside my door. This was the first place I started putting my handmade goodes in a shop.

This was our home when my kids were little. Maestro was 6 and Freckles was almost one. This home had charm, built in 1898....I loved it here. Though, Freckles doesn't remember living here, except for pictures and that we had visited our neighbor throughout the years...this little home was where I learned how to can food and bake the best rhubarb, wild blackberry pies.

After a year, the house right next door was available for rent....So, we jumped on the opportunity, since it had an extra room downstairs..That room would become our home classroom. This house too, I loved. This is where I started to garden for the first time.

This is the backyard. When we moved in, there was nothing but dirt and grass....
It was so nice to see it all grown up and seeing the fruits of our labor that began so many years ago..

It was so nice to see it all again, sharing those memories with my kids.....Priceless.
We also decided to recapture a moment on film taking place in the very same spot, on a bench outside our home. 12 years ago, I had my kids sitting on the bench as Freckles attempted to shove a piece of lavender up her brothers nose. It is one of my favorite pictures. It was fun to recreate that moment.
The result.....Priceless.
Perhaps in another ten years or so, we will go back someday
and take the picture again. That would be.....Priceless.


  1. such sweet houses Mica.. and mostly.. such sweet children!
    true blessings!!
    happy thursday

  2. You have certainly had some very lovely homes Mica....I love those pictures...treasures indeed :) Blessings

  3. I love old houses!! I hope someday to rent one of these beauties!!

    I am so hoping to retire in the PNW..does it really rain everyday? WE are planning on Paul retiring when he is 60 or so. If we are careful we can do it.

    Blessings on your new ministry

  4. Love Snohomish! My daughter and her hubby are really enjoying living within walking distance of all the shops and restaurants.
    So happy that you had a wonderful visit with your son and getting a chance to see your old homes!