Monday, August 5, 2013

Together Again...

It has been six months since our boy flew from our nest. For a Mama who wasn't quite ready for the move...It has been very hard to separate. I just don't know where the time went. It was stolen away by time. He was just my little boy not that long ago...and to move hundreds of miles away...broke my heart. He is such a great guy though... I think we did something right with him. He calls regularly or send texts and keeps us updated on his life and to see how we are of course. Our visit with him was short but sweet. Seeing him after all those months was just a delight. I loved seeing how he goes about his independent life. He goes to work with an awesome attitude, he's well loved by his friends and peers/coworkers...He works hard...He goes to church on his own,
 he's trustworthy, outgoing and has a lot of ambition. This Mama is proud.

For the first couple of days we stayed at some friend's beautiful house from our old church home... Every morning we had breakfast and a beautiful view. Then we spent the remainder of the week with our son and our dearest family friends. It was great just hanging out...visiting. My son had a couple days off during the week which we spent together. Will share more on that later. I was also blessed to spend some time with Jonathan...I call him my second son. It has been fun watching him grow up into a fine young man. He went out of his way to visit and hang out with us...which was so neat. He had breakfast with us one morning, bought us pizza for lunch one afternoon and even had some really nice pictures taken just him and I. Plus more pictures of my kids, us together etc... that I will also share later.

I love these kids....

It was also a blessing to spend time with my very dearest friend Susan. She has taken my boy under her wing...and in turn adopted my son as her second son. I just love it. She is a wonderful woman. I treasure her friendship and thankful to God for her. Another moment I will treasure
 is just being together again. 


  1. how wonderful that you were all able to spend such special time together. I remember when my kids went off to college how much I would miss them. wow.. that seems sooo long ago on one hand and like it was just yesterday on the other.
    have a great week Mica. Im sure you will.

  2. Good times with family and friends...always a blessing...indeed. Hugs sweet friend