Saturday, August 3, 2013

Good Memories

Our time in Olympia with my parents were coming to a close. We had a special treat the day before leaving...My Aunt and Uncle came for a quick visit and had a nice BBQ with us. It was so good seeing them...It's been at least five years since we have seen them...a bit before we left for Seminary. I have fond memories of my Uncle Herb. As a little girl, he always made me feel special...He paid attention and has a fun sense of humor. Though we didn't live close...Every time I would see him, it was like we never parted. He gives great hugs too. My Aunt came into his life a little later...She was perfect for him...She adopted me in as if she knew me her whole life. And I in turn adore her. I love how they never forget our birthdays, how they wrote us updates on their adventures through the years and their genuine hearts. But what I observed on this visit was the tenderness they gave to my daughter. I loved seeing my Uncle engage with her... She is a quiet spirit, who comes off very shy...But all it took was for him to sit there and just talk to her, she warmed up and surely stole his heart.

It was pure endearment.
The visit was short but sweet and brought me joy. Though it was short, the memory of that time will forever be in our hearts. Just as this whole week with my parents will. I will cherish our time, every morning sitting at the table , eating waffles and fruit, talking, watching the deer pass through the yard each afternoon and evening, the little bit of sight seeing and antique shopping.

My Mama taking us girls out to a special lunch and shopping in the junk shops. We had fun digging for treasures...Happily we found a few items that would fit in our luggage. She bought me a beautiful embroidered pillowcase with bluebirds on it....It will have the honor of adorning our bed in the guest room....And every time I see it I will think of the fun we had looking for our goodies.

Before leaving my parents sat down with us and let us take whatever old family photos I wanted. I was in complete awe. So many of the pictures I have never seen...Pictures of my Great Grandparents and Grandparents on each side of the family, my dad's siblings, my dad as a young boy, pictures of Great Aunts and Uncles...I adore them, I will treasure them. Pictures to me, mean something, it's a part of me, of where I came from, it's pictures of my people. I am a very visual person, so pictures and events are a huge thing in my soul. Pictures bring things to life for me along with the stories behind them. It is a true fascination. I am proud of where I came from, even though a lot of my life was moving around a lot, dysfunctional and filled with uncertainty and insecurity. I praise God for bringing me out of all that, to forgive, to move on and have hope. I look at things now as a huge learning experience, some of it not so pretty. But most of it quite beautiful. The pictures are one of the best gifts I have ever received. My Mama went through her cedar chest and let me take a bunch of embroidered pieces that were done many years ago by her great aunties. It was a privilege to take what I believe are sweet treasures. I will be using them in my home happily. Our time finally came to an end. We leave with good memories, hugs and tears welled up in our eyes....For I don't know when I will see my parents again. It was a huge blessing to have the opportunity to visit if only it was for one week.

But, it was time to say our goodbyes.
 My parents dropped us off so that Freckles and I would have a week with my boy. Six months have passed since he moved back to Washington leaving our little nest.
 It was pure joy to see him, Mr. Independent, driving his own wheels
 and looking sharp, ready for work. It was a proud Mama moment.
More on that later....

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