Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Her 13th Year

My precious girl is celebrating her 13th year today. I can't believe she's a teenager now. The time has passed...I promised myself I wouldn't blink, but I did...She is growing up into a fine young lady. We decided to take some pictures of her last day being 12 and welcoming in her 13th year. We wanted them to reflect her...So we went with books. She is an avid reader and loves to collect books....It was fitting for my sweet girl.

We have been collecting these beautiful leather bound classics from Barnes And Nobel. I also added a few which she will get later as one of her gifts. The covers and illustrations are fantastic. 


We also gave her a bunch of flowers. The sunflower bouquet was given to her by her daddy. He brought them home just as we were taking these pictures.

And let's not forget the birthday crown I made, so she can wear it every birthday.
We have a fun filled day per her request. Birthday presents,French crepes for breakfast,
 a trip to the book store, a movie and Red Robin for dinner.
She's gonna love it.
Happy Birthday to our beautiful daughter, Freckles...
We love you.


  1. Happy Birthday to Freckles! Where has the time gone? My Baby Bee will be 13 in February. She starts middle school a week from tomorrow. Eeeeek!

    So, I've been buzzing about but I don't think I've left a comment yet. I am so excited and grateful that you have found a church. I can imagine how stressful that was and yet your faith shone through. I am just so happy for you and your family.

    Loved seeing your trip to Washington - one of my favorite states to visit. (only been there twice, but it left an impression)


  2. she is just beautiful! Love all the pictures. I cant believe she is just turning 13. she looks older!
    Happy Birthday freckles! I hope you have a wonderful birthday week!

  3. Jimminy Crickets how did she get so old!! So darling too! Like her mama.

  4. Happy Birthday sweet are your mothers beautiful. I am a book lover too...I enjoy reading so many good books,and birthday is this month too ,on the 16th. A secret for you...I wasn't happy about becoming a teenager...I wanted to stay a little girl for much longer than a mere 12 years :) But I learned to like it pretty quick...blessings to both of you sweet girls. How sweet that your daddy brought you flowers....your smile shows how very happy that made you.

  5. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter Mica. It's been fun watching her grow up! Sounds like she was in for a fabulous day!