Friday, January 31, 2014

Mellow Colors For The Winter Season

If you know me... I decorate with color. I'm not afraid of color. And my favorite color is ultimately red. But even sometimes it is nice to change things up and switch things out and around. So, this Winter I have been decorating using colors that are a little out of the box for me. My inspiration actually comes from a vintage globe I have. The hues consist of yellows, blues, orange and greens.

And but of course there is little pops of red. I can't leave my beloved red out of my decor. I hung a quilt up on the wall above a dresser I keep in the living room, then placed my old window on the dresser. I brought out my blue wooden box and filled it with my pop bottle collection. I love using those bottles for a touch of a whimsical feel to the space.

I brought out books with the same sort of colors and added in clocks to match.

The newest addition to my living room is yet another old dresser. This cutie was a side of the road treasure. I popped it in the back of my car, cleaned it up and gave it a new home. I love curbside finds.

And after putting all the Christmas stuff away, 
I put out the Pyrex that matches the mellow color mood I am in. 
It's all just kinda relaxing. I kinda like it....

I also hung some floral paper lanterns....These beauties were picked up from my local Japanese shop called Daiso...It's the ultimate cute $1 kind of store. Wayyyyyy better than the Dollar Tree. Well, I am off. I have stuff to do, just wanted to drop in to say hello, share a bit of my little corner. Until next time. /Things have been very topsy turvey in our lives right now, some I cannot speak of here. But if you wouldn't mind or if you had just a minute to keep our family in your prayers, I would greatly appreciate it. thanks friends.


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  2. God knows and he is able...praying for your family dear friend. I love your style always....I sure would like to visit that Daiso store....sounds fun :) blessings